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Reiki healing sessions

Reiki means “life force energy” in Japanese. It’s a healing therapy method which brings balance, harmony and relaxation on all levels- emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. It helps to reconnect with our body’s wisdom, to release stress, tension and anxiety. It helps to switch back into the parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest mode) so we can heal, rejuvenate and sleep better.

After a session, you might feel more calm, at peace, clear minded, aligned, connected and grounded.

You are held in a sacred and cosy space where I use music, singing bowls, essential oils and a gentle touch / energy work so you can have a holistic and deep restorative experience.

1 hour: 100 CHF at Cabinet 22 in old town Geneva.

Home visits: 120 CHF

Distance healing: 80 CHF

Book your session by email: hello@marisaribordy.com