Winter Energy


I love the connection with the seasons. Every season, I realize a bit more the meaning and goodness of each one and its impact on my body and soul.

Winter has a purpose.

For me winter is filled with gezellig- hygge vibes. That warmth and cosiness contrasting with the temperatures outside. You get to flow between the two worlds.

I haven't felt that big high of new year energy in January. Usually September "back to school vibe" does it more for me. Feeling recharged and fired up after summer. I've been trying to map out the year and plan and I just haven't felt connected to this energy of getting things done and moving forward in a more masculine energy.

So I decided to let go of what I thought I should be doing and instead listen to my intuition and heart's desires. My soul knows better. I love embracing winter and it's yin energy. So lots of cosy times filled with self care, creative projects, reading books, and just a general sense of living in the now. Being more in tuned with my heart than my brain. Sometimes, you need to give yourself time to retreat so you can bloom later on. Making memories and filling my heart with joy. Because in the end, that's what we'll remember. Play time and adventures taking the front seat. Sitting in front of my laptop trying to be creative and inspired wasn't really working for me the past few weeks. So I started looking for the spark of inspiration and creativity in other places- the ones that come with more ease and exploring new ones.

So I filled my days with lots of yin and some yang energy, finding a balance that works for me.

Snow adventures bring me exactly what I need from a more active energy. Meetings with the sun and blue skies after days under the clouds. It's never really a question of grey days - but just being at the wrong altitude. So whenever I can, I take steps to hit the road for the wild snow capped mountains. Such a magical moment when you suddenly find yourself out of the heavy fog and into a winter wonderland of blue and white on the horizon. Breathing the wild air and that feeling of immensity surrounded by majestic mountain peaks. It's my zone of bliss and inspiration. It's how I recharge. I've given myself permission for just that. For play and gathering experiences. Embracing winter.

Sometimes you have to slow down, stand still to listen and receive the guidance, flow and vibrations. When you get to that place, you'll be surprised at how things come your way because your energy shifted big time. I've been noticing the positive change.

Let yourself be lead by your soul. Treasure the seasons and experiences.

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What is one thing that hasn't been working for you?

How can you embrace winter and it's energy?

Are you feeling aligned with your heart?