Wild Child



"Can you remember who you were before the world told you who to be?" Danielle Laporte



A little girl on the bus, shouting woohoooo from the top of her lungs with a big smile, sparkles in her eyes, followed by "this is the best day ever!" to her parents.

A kid expressing wild joy while watching a stunning view, not caring about what others would think.

Another little girl jumping into puddles holding her dad's hand.

Kids rolling down grass hills, playing with dogs, dancing, moving, singing. Spontaneous at its best, living fully, with all their heart, expressing their bliss.

As I was wandering through Bali and Australia last year, I took the time to slow down and just be, live and see the world through new eyes, paying attention to what was around me, finding happy vibes while people watching, children particularly. There is a little bit of magic in every child and the Peter Pan in me loves witnessing children being fully alive, in the moment, so playful. They are wonderful teachers. Kids are free and connected to their bodies, their feelings and imagination. They live in the present and are creative souls. They use their voice and speak their truth.

I watched with joyful eyes, and a bit of envy. Could we learn from them? Learning to see the world through excitement, curiosity and wonder. Could we connect to our wild child again? Not taking life so seriously, not caring what people would think?

Nourish your wild soul and awaken the wild child in you, follow your dreams, dance under a fairy tree, be crazy, sleep, start fresh with new projects, let go of resentment, listen to your intuition, hug your best friend, love fully. Be open to discovery, play, have a few giggles, build forts, sleep in a tent in your backyard, climb trees.

I am lucky to be surrounded with a few special souls who embody this wild child spirit and  they remind me to keep that playful and free spirit in me. You recognize them with their smiling and bright eyes.

Maybe you can fill this week with laughter, giggles, play and discovery. Put your rain boots on and go jump in puddles, blow a dandelion, make a wish, dream big and look for shapes in the clouds as you glimpse to the sky.

“We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

George Bernard Shaw