The Magic of a Yoga Teacher Training in Bali


This April marks a year since I took the leap. One year since I hopped on a plane to my beloved island, Bali and started my Yoga Teacher Training. I've been wanting to write about it since I said goodbye to my Bubble, but as big moments in life, I found myself struggling to find words to describe what I lived, and I know that even now my words won't portray everything I felt: the energy, the love, the emotions, the transformation.

There is something quite magical about a group of people coming together, from all corners of the world, to learn about yoga, to deepen our practice, to go within, ready for a shift, a transformation into our own journey. I spent 5 weeks in the midst of rice fields with an amazing group of yoginis. It's one of those moments that changes the course of your life, that makes sense of all the setbacks, the doubts, the fears. I was meant to be there at that time and meet those beautiful souls.

Here's 10 little nuggets that made this yoga teacher training so special:

1. Unplug

No phone, no wifi, no breaking news. A huge breath of fresh air.  I lost track of hours, days, even months. So much freedom and space created when you free yourself from all the external noise. I realised the amount of time I lose in a day while online and bombarded by all kind of information. It gave me space, it calmed my nervous system and allowed creativity, discovery and connection to take place. Being in silence, quieting the mind, enjoying gazing at the rain, trees and stars, journaling, meaningful and heartwarming conversations. There is a precious, infinite richness and spaciousness that is created while unplugging.




2. Connection

23 students, 2 amazing teachers, a child and a puppy for 5 weeks in our own little world. That beautiful bubble transformed into a yoga family. Being surrounded with like-minded, whole-hearted human beings invite for honest, loving, supportive and transformative relationships. I know the bubble, even though is now spread all over the world, is still present, still connected through oceans, here for one another, and this is pure gold. I also couldn't have asked for better teachers, the knowledge, love, patience, compassion, openness and fun they brought to this training has been a gift. The way they breathe and live yoga has taught me so much about how I want to live my life. I have so much gratitude for that Bubble showing up into my life and not a day goes by when I'm not thinking about them. They have a special place in my heart.



3. Live in the now

We tend to live in the past or future and forget about the now, this precious present moment that we have been given. Throughout the weeks I learned to let go of the old stories, the future worries and decisions I will have to make and awakened to the beauty surrounding me, to experience the training, to be fully present. It was very liberating to just be, to focus on one moment at a time. I lived day by day for 4 months and this gave me the space to be, to listen to my heart and connect with my desires and what I really wanted for my life.



4. Connect to nature

We were in nature, close to a volcano, far from the bustling touristy places. Walking barefoot, connecting to the earth, grounding ourselves. Waking up with birds chirping, going to sleep with gecko's funny melody, majestic trees, outdoor showers in the rain. Nature is magic and will give you the  energy to dive into your wildest dreams and find yourself. Spending weeks walking barefoot has been very powerful and I could feel the shift happening in my body- slowly grounding myself, slowly reconnecting with my soul.





5. Move your body

Dance, shake, move, do yoga, express yourself. The body holds everything- your thoughts, your experiences, your emotions. Thats why it's so essential to let it express itself and move. Asanas,  as well as dancing, can be so transformative and healing. It's a body, mind and soul connection. I let go of emotions I didn't even know I had while dancing freely or simply in child's pose.

6. Spread the love

Meta- Loving Kindness. So much Love. It's truly magical. When you open your heart and connect to beautiful souls, there's a powerful healing energy that comes with it. My heart almost exploded with joy and gratitude by the end of the training as saying goodbye to my mini bubbles was very emotional.




7. Be playful

Wild child coming alive. Listening to my heart, intuition and body. Being goofy and in the moment, laughing, hugging, playing. I've learned a lot from my yogi bubbles who showed me how to dance and sing through the day and to add more fun and excitement, to not take life too seriously, to explore, discover, go on adventures and simply live in the moment.



8. Enjoy the journey

"Life is a journey, not a destination." Ralph Waldo Emerson said. We tend to always wait for happiness to come. We'll finally be happy when we accomplish what we've been dreaming of, when we've ticked off all our goals. But the real gift unfolds in the journey. And in fact, the journey never ends. It's where struggles, doubts, courage, lessons, excitement, joy meet. It's the real reward.




9. Trust the Universe

It took me a while to finally decide to enroll to a yoga teacher training. And during that time of doubts and uncertainty I heard that nagging voice "why are you taking so long to decide?!" and "the shoulds" but everything made sense the moment I hugged the souls that would be part of my life for the next month. I was supposed to be there - not a training before or one after that; not in another location, just there in Bali, with my bubble and I cannot imagine not having these beautiful yoginis in my life. So, always trust life. There's always something magical ready to unfold.



10. Live, eat, breathe yoga

Yoga entered my life by magic dust in Bali, moons ago. Thinking about how it all happened- it was definitely calling me. Yoga is a gift. It opens your heart wide open and let love in. It creates a space for contentment, bliss, peace, acceptance, compassion and so much more. What you learn on the mat can be applied to your every move and thoughts. You learn how to bring silence, patience, perseverance, love to your practice and into your life, your body and your mind. We're always students. There is always something to learn- about the practice, the philosophy, about us and the world. I am so grateful it has become a part of me and it's something I will always cherish.




Big Love to my Bubble!