5 Ways To Add Some Bliss To Your Day!


Do you have the sunday evening syndrome? Not feeling very excited to leave the weekend behind and say hi to monday? If there is no doubt that a weekend filled with fun activities brings more joy than a day spent inside an office, sometimes life happens and we have to take jobs we're not so passionate about while working on achieving our dreams. That's kind of where I am at the moment. My days are not my ideal days yet but I am working on it and I believe that I will be enjoying my own schedule and freedom soon. In the meantime, I have a job that helps me get there. I really believe in making the most of each day and try to add some happy vibes along the way.

Here are 5 ways to add some Bliss into your day:


  • Take time for yourself

Find a moment each day for yourself and do something that makes you happy. Even if it's only 5 minutes. You could wake up 30 minutes earlier to meditate, enjoy your breakfast, go for a run, do some sun salutations or just simply take time to get ready for your day instead of rushing out the door with a cup of coffee in your hand and being stressed out because you are late again. My wellness morning routine is an essential part of my day as I need that time for myself before a day spent sitting at a desk. It definitely brings some good vibes to have some "me" time.

  • Act like you are on vacation. 

Yes. You read right. It's all about finding some fun during the day and if you have to wait for your 2-3 weeks a year to unwind and enjoy yourself, than it would be pretty depressing. At least for me. So what I came up with, or I should say my mom, as she joked one day after a work day, "oh so you're on holiday now" and I said while laughing, yes until tomorrow morning, how great is that! ;) Since then we often keep joking about the vacation thing on week nights or weekends.  But I realized that it actually gives you another perspective of your day. The attitude changes and just thinking for a second that this time off after your office hours could be spent as a vacation time makes it more fun! It's all about changing your mindset.

  • Get moving, get some air

Go out on your lunch break, breathe some fresh air, meet some friends, go for a walk/run. It will disconnect you from your office and will give you more energy for the afternoon or after a busy day. Doing a sport you love will release endorphins- the feel good hormone, which will boost your mood and energy!

  • Have some fun & laugh!

Charlie Chaplin said "A day without laughter is a day wasted". Yep, couldn't agree more! Don't take yourself so seriously. Laugh at awkward situations, sing while listening to your favorite music on your way to work, enjoy the pouring rain, be a kid, connect with friends, talk to strangers, do something new, be creative.

  • Be grateful

Being grateful brings happiness. Studies have shown that being grateful and showing love  increases your level of happiness. List 5 things before going to bed that you are grateful for each day. You will start to pay more attention to the little things that put a smile on your face and think about what will be on your daily grateful list.

What brings happy vibes to your day?

Happy fun day!


Oh How I Love My Freedom!

IMG_1803 Ooh Freedom! What a beautiful strong word. It's one of my favorite. The feeling you get from within, this feeling that sets you free, that is full of adrenaline. Freedom comes from your heart and it is what makes you alive. It's a very special moment that you might be lucky to experience once in a while. It's a moment to celebrate your life.

When do you feel the most free? For me, it's when I am on my snowboard, on those snowy slopes, riding to the rythm of Ben Howard in my ears. The music combined with being on top of the mountain, in nature, doing something I love- thats my freedom. I often find myself with a big smile on my face for no other reason than being happy & free.

Freedom is a breath of fresh air!


Freedom is also about doing something for you only and being dependent of no one but your precious self. Going on a vacation on your own; Going to a concert you wouldn't miss for the world; A heart warming yoga session; whatever it is, doing something you love, enjoy and that makes your heart beat faster. Thats Freedom. Freedom is when your heart, body and soul are in connection.

Find your Freedom and keep smiling for no other reason than your Happiness! :)

*Be Happy, Be Free*

What do you desire? What makes your heart beat?

Hello Sunshines! We tend to forget our dreams, our goals because of the routine, the busy schedules between family, work, friends and daily chores and all that's on our "to do list". But take a second and think of what really matters. I find it's always good to get some perspective and see the bigger picture. What will you remember from your life? Is it the new car you bought, the latest phone, the new pair of shoes or the 100th fancy party you attended? This happiness is only temporary and doesn't last. So find what truly makes you happy and go for it!

I know it's hard to break free from the routine and our daily lives, as we need to pay the bills and have responsibilities. But is paying the bills a good enough reason to keep working at a job you don't like or that makes you stressed and unhappy? I'm struggling a bit myself with this, as of course it's not all black or white. I know what I want and I'm on my way to my dream job and life. I found my passion with wellness, nutrition and coaching and I am working on transforming this into a career and the minute I took the decision to do so, - after a lot of thinking and having doubts-  it really felt like it was meant to be. I see more and more around me friends and people struggling to find what they truly want to do with their lives. Some are not happy with their current job, some dream of something bigger but aren't sure what that is. As Steve Jobs said: "Don't settle, keep looking".  Ask yourself the right questions. It's not the money that really matters (well of course it's still important, I'm not going to lie...you don't want to live under a bridge, right?!) but there's so much more than money in life. And you can find happiness in so many ways, in every day life and I truly think it comes from within ourselves. And as the saying goes: "Happiness is a journey not a destination". We tend to always wait for the perfect moment to be finally happy. When I'll graduate, when I'll find a job, when I'll get married, when I'll have kids...well you know how it goes. We all did it. But we need to enjoy the present moment and forget about when everything will be perfect, because it never is, and in a way, that's the beauty of it.

Follow your passion; follow your heart. It has to feel right and decisions comes from within your heart and intuition. There is something inside of you that will feel good the moment you take the right decision for your happiness. When you start doing what you love, you will shine, you will create a wave of joy around you and within you that you will no longer want to settle for anything less than the bliss you get from doing what you were truly meant to do.


"Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become."

Steve Jobs

Happy friday!

A little dance, a little travel and a little inspiration for your day!

A little video and words to inspire and make you smile this monday! This video makes me feel good every time I watch it.  The power of an idea and a dance, the power to follow your heart and intuition and just enjoy every moment of your life. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlfKdbWwruY]

Happy Monday!

A little inspiration for your day!

It's time to take actions and follow your intuition and your heart! Dream big and take a step closer to your dreams and passions! I took my first step and finally enrolled to the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a certified health coach! Yay! I am so excited for the year to come and learning about nutrition, health and wellness and share everything with you! :) It took me a while to decide but as soon as I enrolled, it felt like it was a natural decision and the way to go. Signs along the way, listening and reading inspirational talks and talking with friends helped me take the first step. Hope you can follow me by taking your first step towards your big dreams! ;)


"Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happenRalph Waldo Emerson

What are your wildest dreams?

Happy motivation day!