My three favorite words


Have you ever been drawn to a word, to its meaning and vibe? I do. I love words that describe a feeling, a special moment and that are untranslatable in another language.

Here's my three favorite words:


Gezellig. It's a dutch word and it's been my favorite since I was a kid. My mom would smile and exclaim "gezellig!" when we were having a good vibe moment. I always loved that feeling of "gezelligheid" while in Holland or at home. There's no translation, but the closest meaning in english is cosy, friendly, warm. The Danish have a similar word- hygge. This word has a whole vibe on its own. It's a feeling, something you experience, something that's part of the culture and that I love about. A cafe, a city, a dinner or a person can be gezellig. It's one of my core desired feeling. To feel gezellig as much as I can- when I work, teach yoga, have friends over, at home or while traveling. It's adding a little love and touch to a situation, a home or an event. I see it as spreading good vibes around and making the most of life.

SaudadeI love the sound of it, with a brazilian accent. It's a bit of a melancholic word. It means nostalgia, a longing for something or someone far away. Usually about missing loved ones, a place or magical moments in your life. It's a word that often comes up in conversation with my friends all over the world or while reminiscing past travels and adventures. It encompasses the feeling of loving someone or a place with all your heart and the sadness of not having that person around you or maybe not being in that special place that has your heart. It's about love and happy moments.


Meraki. It's a greek word I recently came across and love the meaning of it. It's doing something with soul, creativity or love. When you bring passion to something- a project, a hobby or your to-do list. You can cook with meraki, make a handmade gift, dance or paint. It relates to mindfulness for me. To live a conscious life filled with heart and soul. Whatever you do, do it with meraki. It will make you happy.


Do you have a favorite word? Would love to hear it!