Rock The Winter Vibe!




Winter is definitely here and in full force with freezing winds and snow that make you think twice about leaving your comfy home. It's a season that is often seen as depressing with its grey skies and coldness that last forever. After the holidays are long gone, the cold and dark days can definitely bring the winter blues and make you yearn for spring.


How to rock the winter vibe:




Embrace the season

It's about living in the now and surrendering to what is. Winter (if you live in the northern hemisphere) usually lasts for months, so changing your perspective might be the best answer to embrace it. You can choose to complain and feel down about it or you can choose to see the goodness of it.  It's like everything in life - the moment you stop resisting something, it starts to flow with ease. Go for pleasure and find ways to warm up your soul. Chase the sun when it makes a shy appearance to soak in the light and recharge your vitamin D levels. Blue sky and sunshine will do wonders for your mood and good vibes. You may have a better chance to catch them above the sea of clouds, if you're lucky to live close to the mountains.


Release those endorphins

Move your body and sweat. Even better, do it outdoors! Snowboarding, snowshoeing, ice skating, playing in the snow - be wild & free. Embrace new adventures. Nothing feels as good as breathing fresh air and moving your body while enjoying winter natural beauty. Another great option is yoga- at home or in a cozy candlelit yoga class, or bring out your wild child with some rebounding- you don't even have to leave your house- 10 minutes on your trampoline will already bring you good vibes.





Make it cozy

One of my favorite reason to love winter is the coziness it brings. The magic of a snowy day, a fireplace, candles & blankets, keeping warm with a good cup of herbal tea or hot chocolate, and snuggle time with your love make a cold winter night simply delightful. It's always about the simple things in life. Arrange your home with warm lights and create a little nest where you feel good about spending time there.





Nourish yourself

From heart warming food to self-care and doing activities that makes you happy, find what nourishes your body & soul. Eating locally and seasonally will boost your immune system, keep your energy high and give you all the nutrients and minerals needed to stay healthy and happy. Winter calls for heavier and warming food like soups, stews, rooted veggies- they're full of goodness to keep you grounded and warm. Hydrate and preferably drink warm water to flush the toxins out. Think about what lights you up- maybe a dinner with friends or creative activities to do in group.



Dress for snow

Winter doesn't have to be all grey and dark. Add some color to give you a glow and boost your vibe, a cute beanie, a big comfy sweater, warm socks and boots. It will keep you warm and comfy.




Winter Wellness

It's the perfect time of year to go for saunas or steam baths, to enjoy a massage and take time for your body & soul. Moisturize your skin that needs more attention during dryer months and make your own homemade hair & face mask. Find pleasure in keeping your body healthy and glowing.


Do less

Surrender to the season. Winter is made for a little hibernation and invites for less activities and more rest. It's a time to go within- doing some journalling, finding stillness in meditation, watching the snow fall, going early to bed, reading a good book. Spring and summer will come soon enough where the energy will be higher and you will need to be well rested for longer days and new projects coming up, so enjoy that quieter time.





"Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.”

Edith Sitwell

Tell me, are you a winter lover? How do you cheer up during this time of year? Share in the comments below! I would love to hear other ways to keep the happy vibes going.

*Happy Winter*