My Golden Morning Rituals


Stop. Pause. Inhale. Exhale.

How much of your life is on autopilot? How much of your time is spent living consciously? Are you snoozing your alarm until the last minute, grabbing a coffee and rushing out the door? No matter how your mornings looks like, take a moment to just see how it actually makes you feel. Tired? Sluggish? Stressed? Uninspired? No-energy in sight? Or maybe you're an earlybird who rejoice with dawn. In yoga, we talk about having a beginner's mind. Doing or looking at things like it was the first time create space for more mindfulness, more compassion and understanding. How do you feel when you wake up and how can you make small changes to have a brighter start of the day?

Mornings are golden for me. I love the early rays of sun- specially summertime, when I get to wake up with birds chirping and sunlight. I want my mornings to nourish my body & soul. I love rituals and thought I'd share a few of my golden hours moments.

Waking up

My morning ritual actually starts the night before when I take some quiet time before bed, a little restorative yoga or meditation to slow down and  get me in a mood to fall sleep. I like to keep my blinds open so I wake up with the morning light- in summer- a gentle way to open my eyes instead of the alarm buzzing and stressing me out before I even stepped out of bed.


I'm a freedom seeker. I always try to create freedom and space in my day for wellness. Taking extra time in the morning is essential for my whole being. When I used to work in an office, my mornings were a special moment of quiet, of me time, to really enjoy my breakfast and self care before going to a work that was less than bringing me bright eyes. Now that I work for myself I get to enjoy them even more.

* Say a little gratitude prayer or mantra and how you'd like your day to go. It can be a word or just a few minutes or seconds of visualizing your day while stretching your body. I always try to spend 5-10 minutes meditating. Some days, I just sit on my bed and take a few deep long breaths and that already makes a difference.

* Stay  offline and away from computer & phone. That's actually one thing I struggle with and try to be more mindful of. Some days I managed to  meditate or do a few sun salutations before checking my phone, but that's a work in progress.


Nourish your body

* Drink water. Start your day with one or two big glasses of water. It will hydrate you and wake up your organs.

* Listen and connect to your body. Maybe some stretching or sun salutations will energize you. Going for a quick walk to get some air. Movement is precious. It wakes your body and give you energy for the day- from yoga, to jumping on a trampoline or doing a mini workout with music. Everyday is different for me but I make sure to stretch no matter what. Nothing feels better than a downward dog to wake up from your dreams. Find what makes you feel good. Sometimes we need extra sleep time too. It's about listening to what your body needs.

* Breakfast. Take time to sit down and enjoy what you're eating. Is your breakfast nourishing you? Is it giving you energy and keeping you full until lunch? Is it delicious? If you're the proud owner of a garden, porch or balcony, go have breakfast outside.

Nourish your soul

* Give hugs, leave a sweet note,  journal, do a morning happy dance, send a message to a friend just to tell them you're thinking about them and wishing them a good day, do a random act of kindness, it will give you good vibes for the day!

* Get inspired by reading a few pages of a book, looking at your vision board, watching a TED talk, listen to podcasts on your way to work. Having a vision of where you want to go with your dreams and life will keep you motivated for the day.

* Enjoy the little things. Walk to your work. Breathe in the fresh morning air. Make eye contact with people instead of watching your phone, or just pay attention to life happening around you- sometimes I catch a glimpse of a warm hug between friends, little girls dancing while walking in the streets, people smiling at a text they just received…it makes me smile.

Honor your life. Be thankful.

Live in that sweet present moment.


How does your morning look like? Any wellness moment you can't start your day without? Curious to know what brings you joy, share in the comments!

Happy Mornings!