Dancing in the rain

As much as I love Sunshine, Dancing in the rain is pure happiness! Have you ever danced your heart out in the rain?! The last time I did it was a few weeks ago while I had a friend over for dinner and it started pouring. I convinced her to just run outside and go dance in the rain! (she thought I was crazy at first...but she loved it!) It was the best vibe ever! We were laughing happily, not caring for anything. It really brings feelings of Freedom, Happiness, Lightness, Cleansing, Letting go, and making every day of your life count.

Don't take your life too seriously, laugh at yourself, find those little moments that can make you happy and let go of everything once in a while. #Bliss

And what about dancing in your kitchen? This might be the first step before the rain!;)

I have some pretty memorable dancing moments in my kitchen while making cupcakes with my globetrotter friend who was visiting, on some loca tunes. ;) 

I don't know for you but my kitchen is made for dancing..preferably totally crazy of course. It puts me on a great mood and just makes my day much better. It releases all the stress and tensions ...it feels good and it gives me a boost! It usually comes out of nowhere... I start cooking while listening to music or I just happen to be in my kitchen and there it is...a song, a rhythm that makes me want to move and go all loca! Just try it today if you're not a #dancingcrazyinmykitchen addict yet!;)

I would recommend it to anyone who is having a bad day or just wants to start the day all smiley!

P.S: Singing super loud (out of tune, of course!) in my car kinda does the same feeling! and I'm sure i'm not the only one!;) It's a great stress reliever and puts you in a great mood! You don't need much more to change your grey day to a sunny one!

And if you are missing inspiration for your dance move, I'll suggest you to watch this video where you will discover the new dance walking workout that is taking over the world! ;)

When is the last time you danced in the rain? Next time it rains cats & dogs go dancing!:)

Happy Dancing day!