Spiralps and Spirulina Goodness


Being a health foodie, I'm always curious to try new health products and foods. So when I was           contacted by Spiralps to try their "Spiralps detox plan", I got excited!

I tried a couple of times to add dried spirulina in my smoothies, in powder form, but the taste was so strong and frankly horrible, that it was hard to drink it all up and felt like I wasted a good & delicious green smoothie. I didn't get used to it so I switch to supplements and have been taking them every now and then.

This detox came up at a good time as Autumn was in full swing. It was a good time to prepare my body for winter and boost my immune system.



Spirulina is a blue-green algae usually found in fresh water lakes. It is made of proteins and amino acids including essential fatty acids. It also contains  a high range of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.



Spirulina is often considered as a superfood,  rich in anti-inflammatory properties, it reduces inflammation, enhance your immune system and has anticancer properties. High in chlorophyll, it helps the body to get rid of toxins and heavy metals. It contains a lot of calcium and the high level of iron makes it a great option for vegetarians and vegans. The vitamin A keeps your eyes healthy.



The detox plan suggests to cut out meat, dairy and processed food a few days before starting the drinks to prepare the body. The detox lasts for 7 days. The first 2 days, you drink 2 small bottles of spirulina per day and then one big bottle everyday for the next 5 days, containing higher levels of spirulina. They do taste a bit more than the little ones but you get used to it and nothing compared to the powder form.

With the Spiralps bottles, you'll receive a little booklet with information on food guidelines and ways to make the most of your detox week. They recommend a lot of things I do and suggest as well in general, like focusing on your sleep, dry brushing your skin, going out and breathing fresh air, moving your body, doing yoga or gentle exercise, sauna, meditation and drinking lots of water.




How I felt during the detox:

  • High on energy
  • Less appetite
  • Less brain fog, more clarity
  • Restful sleep


As I already eat mainly whole foods, I didn't have to change that much my diet for the week. I really felt the boost in energy and was also less hungry. I did the detox on a busy week so it gave me extra energy and I felt great and energized during the whole time. I managed to sleep really early and have good night sleeps too.

It's a good way to start with a detox plan to change some of your food habits and reset your body. It's not a restrictive diet in the sense that you don't have to change the amount of food and you can eat whatever you want- just not the food in the categories I mentioned earlier. You just add the spirulina drinks to your day. Think of it as a little break for your body.


I would definitely recommend it as an energy booster, if you are feeling sluggish, want to reset your body or want to detox and get rid of heavy metals in your body.


If you're pregnant, nursing or have any illness or medical condition, check with your doctor first before starting a cleanse or adding spirulina to your diet.


SPIRALPS is the first drink made with fresh spirulina. It is organic and produced in the Swiss Alps. They use a new cold technique to pasteurize the spirulina, which preserves its best quality.


* It is my first promotion post and just to specify, I am only promoting products that I have used  and liked. I really did feel the health benefits and will do a cleanse every season and take spirulina supplements the rest of the time as a little extra boost.