Surf that Autumn vibe and feel vibrant


I've got a thing for Autumn and I wish October could last longer. I feel high on life and vibrant during this season. Must be the crisp air, blue sky and golden & crimson leaves that get me all energized with butterflies in my belly. Autumn is proof that change is a good thing and letting go can bring beauty and goodness. Having to say goodbye to summertime, we are rewarded with a firework of colours, indian summer days, fall food and so much more. Nature is showing off her treasures and it's the perfect time to go out and spend time breathing the wild air.


If you're one of those souls who could live on an endless summer...

Here's my top 5 ways to surf on that Autumn vibe and feel vibrant:


Go outside.

Breathe the wild air. There's still some good days around the corner for outdoor activities and even if the sky's grey, go for a walk or hike. Put on your rain boots and go jump in puddles. Take your camera to capture some magnificent fall foliage. The crispness feels rejuvenating for your body and strengthen your immune system and will prepare you for winter.




Move and connect to your body.

Moving your body everyday- from a brisk walk to running, yoga, dancing or kickboxing. Being active while doing something you love will create endorphins and good vibes and will give you more energy throughout your day. Sleep is another essential. Days are shorter so listen to your body and take advantage of longer nights to align with nature and get a good night sleep. Sleep is often underrated, but will improve your immune system and health and reduce your cravings.


Start or finish a project.

You still have 2 months left before the end of the year, so still significant time to finish a project you started but might have put on the side, or starting something new that you've been wanting to do. Think about how you'd like to feel on New Year's Eve. What would make you feel good, alive, wild & fulfilled? You get such a rush of accomplishing a project close to your heart. Whatever you had on your vision board or dream list. Start that creative thing you've been daydreaming about for a while. Take that first step. It will create energy and momentum to keep you moving forward.


Fall cleaning.

Your home becomes your nest in Autumn and Winter time. Making space, de-cluterring the extra stuff and clothes you don't wear create clarity and new energy. If it doesn't bring you joy, donate, throw it away or recycle. Nothing is more cozy than a warm place you love spending time in. Create a little corner for yoga, meditation or your creative time.


Eat what's in season.

Eating what nature provides is so beneficial for you health. It will help you transition with more ease to colder temperatures. Our bodies need warmer food to be in balance and create energy, so think soups, stews and curries. Take a stroll to the farmer's market next weekend and look for what's locally in season like winter squashes, roots vegetables and apples. Spice up your meals by adding turmeric, ginger, cinnamon or nutmeg. They have anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants. Eating with the seasons will give you the nutrients your body need to be in balance and thrive.




Sending some Autumn bliss your way!