Stories About Freeing the Body and Heart



As I walked to the yoga shala, barefoot, in the midst of rice fields I could feel the hot humid day on my skin, surrounded by lush greens and a volcano in the background, on a late balinese afternoon. I was about to take a private dancing healing session and felt a bit nervous not knowing exactly what to expect. I had taken dance classes in the past- african and salsa mainly or dancing in clubs during my twenties. This time, I was alone with this wonderful intuitive dance teacher about to experience something quite different and powerful, that would change my perception of my body.


I didn't quite realise the full power of my own body until this moment. Not so much in its strength, but in the capacity of holding and releasing my stories.


I had booked a private session with her as I could feel strong emotions coming to the surface while dancing with the group the previous day- in between yoga classes and anatomy lessons, we were offered a dancing movement class. Using movement as therapy. In that moment, I realised how much emotions and past stories are stored inside the body. We're so used to hold on to feelings of discomfort, sadness, hurt, anger, worries, unspoken words. Trapped energy. We store them so well, deep down that we manage to live without too much attention. Not being fully present within our bodies. Not always listening to our bodies.


Through the dancing and meditation that day, I released parts of me that were scared to be expressed. I took space. I realised some of my blockages. I shed tears. Freeing my body so I could let my heart expand.


I was letting my body flow and move freely.


In a world where so much attention is put on our brains, thoughts, we tend to forget the power our bodies hold. The subtle parts of our bodies.


Sometimes all the heart crave is movement and restoring this deep connection within ourselves.


To come back home. To sensations. To feelings. To find our wild. This deep feeling of expansion where we get to experience a special kind of freedom. To celebrate life.

It happened again this summer as I experienced a moving meditation while in Portugal. Shaking my body, dancing to the music, eyes closed. Feeling this expansion within my chest, taking up space, tuning inwards. After some time, I was in my own bubble. Tuning in to all my senses. The openess of my body, the peace, the connection between my body, heart and soul. When you prepare your body, by moving, losing yourself with movements, it opens up this energy that allows a sort of high vibe, prana- life force energy. When you open up to receive; messages, thoughts, images, visions, sensations, a strong knowing or intuition can flow through you.



What you can experience though dancing and meditation:

+ Acceptance + Creativity + Free expression through movement + Releasing tension and stress + A sense of joy, relief, calm, peace, freedom, aliveness, connection + Increase energy + So much more



If you want to experience a deeper connection with your body and soul, I am hosting a wild-hearted dancing session on Saturday 16th, at 10.30am, at Cabinet 22, in old town Geneva.

Still some spots left, sign up by email: or FB message.