Staying Grounded in the Middle of a Storm


Storms and crisis situations are always different for each of us and come in different shapes and sizes. It could be one hectic day or it could last for weeks or months of intense and soul crushing vibes. You may have to find a new normal for a little while. From health issues, family crisis, financial struggles or any other life events, it happens to all of us at some point. Maybe you're going through a hard time at the moment or someone close to you is.


Here are 5 ways to stay grounded when stormy times come:


Being gentle and kind towards yourself is essential. It may be hard to squeeze some time for yourself in the midst of chaos or you might feel guilty but you'll need it for your wellbeing and being able to keep going for the long-run, if needed. Think a good night sleep, a relaxing bath, booking a massage, a quiet evening of doing absolutely nothing, coffee with a friend, a walk in nature or feeling the sun on your face. It doesn't have to be big or take long. It's more about incorporating small windows of time for yourself where you can switch off, breathe and recharge your energy. From 5 minutes to a whole day.



In order to keep your wellbeing, be present, and give to others, you need to have your tank filled. Nourishing your body but also your mind and soul. From nourishing meals to a warm hug from a friend. A 15 minute nap or 5 minute meditation, a walk around the block, taking 10 deep breaths. We usually can't keep up with our healthy routines, so find ways to keep a mini version of it. Journalling and writing down your thoughts, emotions and everything in between is a good way to process whatever is happening to you and a way to release the million thoughts in your mind. If you have the opportunity, take a day off. Drinking water and keeping your body hydrated. Sunshine on your face. It's the simple things that warms your heart.



Go to your tribe. The ones who will be there for you, who will listen and create space for you to express your emotions and feelings. Seek support and ask for help. Go to your acupuncturist, kinesiologist, coach or what you're into to talk to and find some balance in your body.



It might be going to a yoga class or just taking time to do a little dance session in your kitchen or anything that will bring you a breath of fresh air from what is happening at the moment. Movement and connecting to your body will create some space and more flow in your energy and release some of the stress and tension stored in your body. Shaking up your body is also a really good way to let go of the fears and anxiety. Put your favorite music on, close your eyes and let your body move and shake. Shaking up helps get rid of headaches and heavy energy and can do wonders.



Accepting our emotions, putting names on what we are feeling at the moment. Trying to stay present - breathing techniques and meditation can help to stay in the now. Resistance will only bring more anxiety and stress to the situation. Remember that the storm will pass. Finding some gratitude in the midst of a chaotic time- even the tiniest thing will do. It's not about forcing positive vibes as it doesn't work and just puts a bandaid on the wound. Accepting where we are right now and allowing the emotions that come with it.

Sending you much love.