Simplify Your Life


“Our life is frittered away by detail...Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!”

Henry David Thoreau

Simplify. Your home. Your time. Your life.

How do you want your life to be? How can you add more simplicity and awareness to make your life light, fresh and flowing?

Every time the seasons change, when I feel stuck or going through a "blah" phase, I make space in my home. Making space for goodness to come.  Your home is often a reflection of what is going on in your life. A clear space helps for a clear mind. It feels so refreshing and cleansing for the mind and soul to create new space and let go of things that no longer serve you. For me simplifying my life means creating space for the things I want: spending time with people I love, doing things that make my heart sing. It's when life flows and am feeling aligned and energized. It's eliminating what is holding me back, the clutter, the limiting beliefs, the old story we get stuck with.

Different ways to simplify your life:

Make space. Get rid or donate the clothes you never wear, the piles of books you never read, the things you never use. I used to have the "just in case" syndrome. Keeping stuff just in case I'll need them someday. Then I realized all the stuff I was keeping for years had never seen the light of day, keeping warm in my closet. Taking space in my home and in my head. A clear space is so refreshing.

Make time. We love to be busy. Our lives are overloaded with work, activities and errands to run. Yes, we are no doubt busy, but it's mainly a question of prioritizing. Saying no to the things that doesn't light up your soul or are not mandatory, choosing where you want to focus your time and energy. Making time for yourself, for stillness and self care. Limiting the amount of time you spend on technology- from checking your phone, to social media or TV. How we decide to spend our time creates the energy we have everyday. So if you binge on your favorite TV show (I've been there!), or spend hours on Facebook, it will deplete the energy you have to work on your projects or create the life you want to live.

Slow down. Take time to be present in whatever you're doing. Taking the time to eat your meal in a quiet and beautiful space and enjoying your food will improve your digestion, help you lose weight and will be more enjoyable than if you're just eating in front of your computer without paying much attention to the colors and taste in your plate. Be present in whatever you're doing- from walking the streets to talking to your friends. Do one thing at a time.

Gratitude. When will you have enough? Society has ingrained in us to always want and need more. But no matter how much we possess we'll never feel fully satisfied. Do you really need all the things you own? Maybe yes, maybe no. Just bringing awareness and deciding to live from a place of gratitude and nourishment. Does it bring you happiness? Finding joy in the simple pleasures, the little things that make your day filled with good vibes. Last year, as I was travelling, I lived with one suitcase for 4 months and realized how little I actually needed. When you live more simply, you focus your attention and joy to what matters- watching the sunset, being in nature, time spent with loved ones.

Yoga teaches about practicing detachment- Vairagya. Letting go is one of the hardest thing to do. We hold on to things, fears, beliefs, emotions, our old story. Most of the time, these attachments stop us from moving forward. It's an everyday practice. We take two steps forward and one step back. It's a constant practice of being present and choosing quality over quantity.

What is one thing you can let go today that will make space for what you want?