Sacred Seventeen.

Sacred Seventeen.

That’s what I named you on January 1st as I watched the golden sunset over the snowy peaks. That was my word. I felt called to bring some sacredness into my daily life. To see the beauty in the ordinary. To feel a sense of extraordinary with this life of mine.


When I reflect and look at my monthly moments, a page in my planner where I write all the magical moments, I see a lot of gezellig/ cosy times and some comfort zone crushing moments. I’ve also looked at my instagram to see my year in pictures and captions which is pretty cool. Bringing a lot of memories and defining moments back to life. My journal is also where I write my highs and lows, my healing and breakthroughs, my wild-hearted days, lessons and fears, my dreams and intentions. It’s where I connect the dots, when I see what I manifested.


Reflecting on the year is something really essential for my growth, for me to expand and bring more of my heart’s desires to life. Looking back on the challenges, the lessons, the accomplishments and the moments that will make the final cut in my life movie. It’s so easy to forget all those moments as we rush into the new year and write down our resolutions or goals for the new year, but if you pause for a moment and reflect on what unfolded for you on those 365 days, you will find moments when you were brave, when you showed up for yourself, for others. When you made it through darker times and found an inner strength within you.


Taking time to look back at all the moments that made your heart sing, that brought you on a high or on you knees, the connections and growth you’ve been through. But also the mistakes, the lessons, the darker days. Cherish those moments by remembering them and by learning from them.


What challenges did you go through?


What did you accomplish that makes you proud?


What were your favourite days? Can you see a common theme that keeps coming up?

Use this as a clue to bring more of those days into your life.

I started the year with a few epic snowy adventures. Escaping the grey city for snowy peaks and blue skies.


I’ve taught yoga to school kids. Not my usual crowd.


I expanded my comfort zone quite a few times. Creating my first online program with my friend Jawan.  I realized that I work best with deadlines and accountability.  


I’ve jumped on a plane to London, listening to my intuition, to meet and learn from some pretty amazing and inspiring biz ladies. Some I’ve been following for years that were also on my vision board. Those connections get me on a high. These ladies have inspired me immensely as I dived deeper into growing my business.


I’ve been interviewed on my first ever podcast. So ecstatic for this one. It’s coming in January. So excited!


I’ve found a wild adventurer soul with who I get to share magical moments with.


It’s also the year my dog, my little Beeboop and bestie joined the sky to chase the stars. I miss her so much. I’ve been feeling her presence and love so strongly since I’ve been in the mountains. Her spirit lives on as she’s with me playing in the snow or next to me as I write these words.


My two koalas, niece and nephew, have been bringing me all the joy and love. My heart is always singing when I am playing with these two wild ones. Being a crazy auntie is just the best thing. Nothing warms my heart more than hearing my nephew say Auntie.


I surfed the wild and cold waves of the Atlantic. Healing ocean. Always. I’ve been reunited with my yoga bubble roomie, Emily, in the streets of Lisbon on a summer day. It’s one of the best feeling, being reunited with soulful friends. I’ve also had some great friends visiting and wonderful surprise catch ups- from Montreal to Jakarta and D’Jamena.


I've been surrounded by inspiring, compassionate and loving old and new friends that lift me higher.


I’ve done a lot of healing. Sometimes happening unexpectedly through conversation with friends followed by big tears, others times through journaling, acupuncture, energy healing, on the yoga mat or by having the vulnerable conversations. Releasing the old blocks, the parts of me that no longer matched my vibe.


I’ve done a lot of reading. From entrepreneurship to menstrual cycle and emotions. Books are great to gain knowledge but you still need to take action to see results.


I’ve embraced the seasons. I spent my winter on my snowboard, cosy being creative and following my curiosity, my spring blooming with projects, showing up, learning and creating content. My summer was when I met my boyfriend and made new friends, for wild-hearted adventures and travels. My autumn brought the fire back with creativity, projects and facing some fears but taking action anyway. My winter brought me within, a lot of healing old patterns and limiting beliefs that I’ve been carrying for way too long. It also brought all the cosiness of the festive season.


So Seventeen, yes you’ve been sacred. But looking back, I would add growth and connection. You've been a soft kiss on the cheek and a warm hug.


I am currently in the snowy mountains and I love those days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, when the days seem to slow down and everything gets quiet. One of my favourite ritual is diving into “Unravelling” a workbook created by Susannah Conway, wrapping up the year and dreaming the next one between snowy adventures.


Wild eighteen. You’re almost there. There’s something fresh about a new year that comes from a collective hope. I am ready to open my wings and fly. To be consistent with my inspired actions. It’s about time to soar.


Soar. Yes. You are my eighteen word.


What about you?


How would you describe your year?


Have you found a word for 2018 yet?


Sending you much love wherever you are.