Rock Your Own Company

Part of living a wild-hearted life includes rocking your own company. It's always been something close to my heart. Feeling that no matter what would happen in my life, through family, friends, partners, I would always be happy on my own.


As a teenager, I hated depending on friends to fill my days with joy and adventures as everyone would want to do different things, so I learned to do the things that brought me joy. And even more so as a 30-something girl. Waiting on other people to bring me what is missing from my life is not an option for a wild-hearted girl like me. So I just create it.


Everyone has a life and can't always be around to wander the world or hang out. So from time to time, I find myself flying solo on adventures. From wandering the streets of Ubud or Sydney to enjoying a Ben Howard concert or simply a lazy Sunday afternoon at the park reading a book.
I do love soulful connections, spending quality time with loved ones, stargazing and talking about life and all the magic around it, sharing about our struggles, emotions and dreams we have. Humans need connection for sure. I love my tribe and sometimes I do feel like it would be nice to be sharing moments with them because there's nothing quite like sharing your happiness with other lovely humans, but the idea of staying home instead of doing something that makes my heart sing and that my soul want is just not an option. So I fly off and enjoy the little adventures in my own company. And I usually feel high on life in those moments. There's a bit of magic to feel every time you follow your heart and lead your decisions based on your soul's desires.


Embracing the free spirited life.


Being your own best friend may sound cheesy but is essential. To fully accept yourself as you are- with your quirks and flaws, your desires and dreams, and learning to find little joys by spending time on your own.



We often have no clue of who we are and what we truly desire and how to listen to the signs of our heart and soul. By spending time alone- from meditating, journaling or traveling, we learn to connect with our true self- and this will shift the way you feel about spending time in your own company. Becoming more conscious and aware of our emotions, feelings and what goes on inside our mind will not only transform the relationship with yourself but with others too.


What makes your heart sing?

What makes you feel alive, free and kindhearted?



In retrospective, my solo travels and time alone were the catalyst for my own transformation, to find my purpose and connect to my wild heart. When I allowed myself to get outside my comfort zone, to trust and believe in me and listen to that inner voice, the shift started to happen, which guided me to who I am today.


We have everything we need inside of us. What you look up to in someone else is just inside of you- it might be a little hidden, but all it want is to come out so finding a way to bring these traits that you admire in others right to you.


So go on big or little adventures, rocking your own company. Take a step outside that comfortable life and fly solo once in a while to see the world with new eyes. When we travel on our own we're much more open to meet other people, to experience something new, to be spontaneous and present. You could also try a new class, go salsa dancing or enjoy a little picnic to watch the sunset. Whatever it is that your heart is desiring. Go for it. It will transform your relationships, the way you live your life.

It's a journey through acceptance, discovery, exploration, surrender and courage.

You will create a unique connection with yourself that no one or situation could change. You're giving yourself the gift of being wild-hearted, the gift of unconditional love, of enjoying the lovely human that you are. We are worthy with or without the partner by our side or the tribe surrounding us. We're enough just by being us. We are whole. And once we pause to see what's hidden behind the layers of fears, we find a treasure.