Natural tips to fight Mr. Cold & Ms. Flu

IMG_7138It's that time of year..where your find yourself stuck in bed, no energy, sneezing, coughing and so on...yes, Mr. Cold & Ms. Flu are paying you a visit and I think it's safe to say we're just right in the middle of it! Here are a few natural tips and remedies to help you fight and prevent getting a cold: Listen To Your Body:

  • Time to slow down and get some rest. A good night sleep can do wonders for your immune system and help a lot with stress, fatigue and cold symptoms.
  • Go for a sauna/ hammam. A good sweat helps to detox and get rid of toxins. Humidity is also good to reduce coughing and congestion.
  • Take time for yourself. Bring the wellness to your home with a candlelit bubble bath or shower. Water therapies can really make you feel better if you're feeling under the weather. During the colder months, it's good to slow down a bit and do things for yourself. Self care is definitely something you want to add to your day. Maybe its a good time to stay home under the covers and read that book you've been wanting to start or go for a massage.
  • Listen to your body! It's better to rest for a few days until you get back on your feet then to drag your viruses and feeling sick for days or weeks..

Eat & Drink, the healthy way:

  • Drink green juices and green smoothies daily to boost your antioxidants intake.
  • Drink plenty of fluids- water, herbal teas. Our homes are so dry due to overheating, it's important to keep hydrated. On this note, open your windows everyday to get some fresh air into your home.
  • Warm water with lemon juice (vitamin C, immune system booster), ginger (antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and specially known to fight colds), a dash of cayenne pepper (vitamin A, antioxidant and help to decrease fever) and turmeric (anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant). It's my favorite detox drink.
  • Add some immune system booster food like garlic: it's the king of natural remedies with antibacterial components, it has more effect if eaten raw, like in salad dressing or in your juice if you feel strong enough to try it! ;) , broccoli, kale and everything green leafy vegetables.
  • Elderberries are famous to speed recovery and boost the immune system. They contain vitamin A,B,C and amino acids.
  • Food rich in vitamin A, C, and Zinc.
  • Eat soups, vegetables and fruits. Avoid sugar, dairy and processed foods as they produce inflammation in the body and just make things worse.

A strong immune system is the best prevention to avoid catching a cold. So, keep a healthy diet with lots of nutrients, vitamins, exercise and a good laugh the whole year!

What are your natural remedies to fight colds & flus? Would love to hear yours!

Happy Vitamin Day!