My Moon Time: Stories on Womanhood and Bleeding - Part II



A few months later, I hopped on a plane to Bali which changed my life. I discovered yoga in the midst of rice fields and since then my life took a big giant turn for the wellness wonderland. I started practicing yoga every week, I became passionate about nutrition, read all the wellness blogs at night, started my own one - (and for some readers, I will always be known as The Green Sunshine ;) ) and finally enrolled to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) where I learned about food, different diets, hormones and thriving with an holistic lifestyle. You can eat all the greens in the world, but if you’re miserable at your job or relationship, it will impact your health (physical and mental). That’s why having an holistic view of your life matters.


Thanks to studying health coaching I realized that the symptoms I had for years could probably be related to PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) so on my annual gynecologist check up, I told the doctor about my symptoms and how I thought I had PCOS and asked for an echography, which showed up cysts on my ovaries. I felt relieved in some ways that I could connect the dots and that I wasn’t just having some random symptoms but there was a cause for them. But I also felt angry that I had to stand up for myself, do the research on my own and ask for what I wanted. It’s empowering for sure and I learned a big lesson there (to always be in charge of my own health because no one else will totally have my back) but I wish doctors would bring more care and understanding to women’s health and take our symptoms seriously and be a bit more proactive and respectful of our desires for a vibrant life without artificial hormones or drugs. The only option he suggested at that time was to go back on the pill. Sigh. I told him I would never take the pill again and headed to an acupuncturist. On a side note, I know the pill was a great invention and brought control and freedom for women, and for some, the pill works well. But I know so many stories of how the pill messed up with hormones, fertility and masked symptoms for years while doctors just turn their head the other way because they couldn’t be bothered to look what was causing all those symptoms in the first place.


After a few years in, I quit my job and hopped on a plane to Bali. Again. This time was to do a yoga teacher training. And for the past 6 years, yoga, nutrition, wellness and spirituality have been my life. It brought me a strong and intimate connection with my body. I even started my own business around that. All the tools, experiment, research and studies guided me to my body. To learn, listen and connect. I implemented a strong self-care practice and delve deeper into the connection between body, mind and soul. Everything is connected.


After I stopped the pill, I was lucky to have my period back straight away. I know it can take months or years to come back after having been on the pill, so I was grateful that my menstrual cycle was back. I started tracking it on my phone’s app. That’s when I started to pay attention to symptoms and how my mood, feelings, energy would shift throughout the month. 


And it’s only the past two years that I really dived deeper into the feminine power of my cycle. I have Claire Baker to thank for as she started to share her story and how the different phases would impact her life. 


Women are cyclical. And there is another way than to curse “this time of the month”. I hear it too many times - women who hate bleeding and all the symptoms that can come with it. By exploring our own bodies and cycles, we can learn skills to harness this feminine power we have and understand our symptoms which give us clues on what could be unbalanced in our bodies.


In ancient times, women would bleed at the new moon and gather in red tents. It was considered a sacred time where intuition and wisdom were high. We would leave the women alone. Nowadays, it’s seen as a taboo topic. Women curse it. Men don’t want to hear about it. It’s obviously a big exaggeration and things are changing. Women and media are starting to speak about it, embracing their blood and wisdom. I just hope that young girls can grow up with a strong sense of feminine embodiment, feeling good in their skin and being supported when they enter the world of monthly bleeds so that they can get intimate with their bodies and take charge of their health, wellbeing and sexuality.


I am passionate and determined to bring more guidance and open conversations around women’s health and sexuality. I want a world where young girls feel empowered and connected with their bodies and feel good in their skin so they can grow up into women who are grounded, with boundaries around their yes and no, feel strong to ask for what they want and celebrate their womanhood - no matter if you have an uterus, periods or not.


I am hosting a workshop on “Embracing your menstrual and lunar cycle” as part of The Women Series. We’ll explore why it matters to track our cycle, understand the inner seasons and how we can harness the different energy and mood in our interest for a balanced and varied life. We’ll connect to our womb with womb yoga and movements to connect with our bodies.