Moving our Bodies for Alignment

As I sat beginning of August, reflecting on my intentions for the month and how I wanted to be and feel, I wrote the words: Vibrant - Energized - Aligned. I have a ritual to set intentions at the New Moon and also monthly because it's my favourite thing. They have a bit of a different vibe and focus. The monthly ones have more of a general/ structured/ goal oriented energy as the new moon ones are more intuitive and heart felt and more of a focus of how I want my life to feel like and the energy I want to bring in. This summer, I wanted to focus on my health and wellbeing. I wanted to bring my body to a higher level of energy and strength to align with where I wanted to go with my life and business.

I’ve just completed a month of working out (almost) daily. I took a break 2 days while on my period as moving my body intuitively is important for me. One of my intention this month was to move my body daily so I would feel alive, strong, energised and toned. But the big intention was to connect body, mind and soul as everything is always intertwined. One of my desire was to bring more consistency, structure and take inspired actions with my life and business. It’s something I’ve been wanting to strengthen. My capacity to be more into action mode, not only when my creative fire showed up, but on a daily basis. I’m a dreamer and creative but for so long I relied on that creative energy to jump into projects and work. I also tend to get very excited and motivated at first and then lose my motivation half way. I just had enough and decided to show myself I could stick with something that would challenge me and that I had a deep desire to create.

So I have been working out every day, usually right in the morning. Not a crazy amount of time. I just wanted to have a goal that was doable and that I wouldn’t stop half way because it wasn’t realistic with my days. So I’ve been working out usually for 30 minutes every day. Sometimes less, sometimes more. The first few times I hopped on my mat, I told myself I would move my body for 10 minutes. That 10 minutes daily is better than a bootcamp class once a week and it would meet my body where I was. I ended up always working out for much longer as the sweat and endorphins would keep me going.

I’ve been loving reconnecting with my body. I'm  getting stronger and fitter, and the healing power of sweat is just the best -that feeling of red and alive cheeks. I’ve had more energy throughout the day, I’ve been meditating every day as well. Been dancing and going for walks more. My skin looks better. My mood is lighter. And the best part, my focus, concentration and drive have improved.

What I remind myself is that I am one - body, mind, soul. If I want to focus on one specific thing, I’ll need to take care of each part. Starting the morning by moving my body is getting me into action mode and giving me a boost for the rest of the day to focus and work on my business, get things done and take inspired actions because I feel that I’ve got this. I feel stronger in my body which has a ripple effect on my mind and spirit. I've been implementing other daily rituals or health practices on the side as well. 

The lethargy, stagnant feeling I’ve had the past few months has lifted. Some part is also linked to the fact I’ve been taking iron and zinc supplements as I was quite low on both, so these mineral deficiencies impacted my energy and mood. It feels like a veil has lifted. So if you feel lethargic, sad and depressed, maybe have a blood test done as I know lots of women in my circle have been quite low on those two as well. And then decide on what it is you want to create and bring your body with it.