Living outside the box


“A lot of the conflict you have in your life exists simply        because you're not living in alignment; you're not being true to yourself.”

Steve Maraboli

After watching a documentary on the history of running, it got me thinking about the outsiders and rebels. Fifty years ago, running was something totally new, only practiced by a few and they were considered weirdos. Running on the street or park for no other reason than to move your body was something absurd and didn't make sense at the time but there was a bunch of people who loved it and slowly formed a tribe and created a movement which ended up with the first New York Marathon in 1970. Women were not even allowed to run races until the early 70's. It may sound crazy as running has now become part of our lifestyle.


Pursuing your passion and living a life outside the conventional box can lead to something bigger than yourself, a movement or simple contentment.

We live inside a box, we go to work inside a box, we work inside a box, and we pretty much spend our lives inside a physical box, and an invisible one created by society.  We work to pay the bills and buy things we don't really need.

Boxes can be different for everyone. We're all somehow trapped in some sort of boxes. It means different things to each of us. It could be your relationships, job, mortgage, where you live or your habits. It could be your comfort zone. It's not necessarily about living out in the woods away from society. I guess for me it's more a mindset, a way of life, it's about being unapologetically myself. Doing whatever I want with my life.

I've always somehow felt like I was living outside the box. Sometimes it was just a subtle feeling and other times much more present. Kinda swimming against the currant. Going my own way, being pulled by something as strong as the ocean with the spirit of a Peter Pan.

When you step outside the box and find your tribe, you won't feel like going back inside. Even though it certainly won't be a smooth ride, it will be worth it. To be aligned with who you are. To live a creative, adventurous and passionate life.

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted

to a profoundly sick society."

Jiddu Krishnamurti


There's a tendency to put labels on each other. We live with so many labels attached to our back. I always hated them and felt constricted by them. When you step out of your label, people tend to freak out and might be questioning or judging you. But it's usually a reflection of their own fears and stories. Sometimes it's good to listen and receive feedback and advices, but you learn to select what's worth keeping.



There's 7 billion of us on this mama Earth. Surely, you'll find people who think and feel like you. The beauty of living at this time, is that you can find your people online if they aren't in your small town. Being surrounded with like-minded souls, the ones who feel the same about life, who share your beliefs, who cheer you on, believe in you, inspire you and push you forward. That's the people you want to be around.



Doing things to please other people just isn't the way to live in a blissful state. We may all have done that to some extent, but if you've been there, you might also have felt the liberation and lightness of going for what makes you feel good deep inside your heart. Follow your desires and curiosity. Get excited for the little things. Go after what you believe in and are passionate about. Life is meant to be lived with enthusiasm and excitement.



If people think you're weird, it's their problem not yours. Letting go of the attachment we have to fitting in and be accepted by others. It might be the hardest, not caring what others think of us, but the freedom of being unapologetically you is one to embrace. Your uniqueness is to be celebrated. Keep your mind open. For the rebels and the wild-hearted, keep dressing as you like, speaking your deepest truth, hugging that tree, coloring outside the lines, loving hard, staying weird, dreaming big, walking your own path.



Connect to your body, your heart and dig deeper and peel the layers to know your true essence and what lights you up. It's a life-long journey. Your path may change a thousand times- from your passion, job, relationship and anything in between. And that's ok- nothing is permanent. You have the right to be totally different than who you were yesterday. Create space to cultivate your spirit. Don't be defined by your age or any other limiting labels. You have the right to live and design a life that makes your heart beat louder and brings butterflies to your soul. Take the road less travelled.


Run wild and free spirited human!