Let the Magic Unravel: Reflections on Transformation

One of the reasons I love having a journaling practice is to be able to look back and know exactly how I was feeling at specific times. It’s a real treasure to have all these insights on how I was feeling and what was going on in my life. I love reflecting and growing. And my journal just help me to look back and see how much I’ve expanded. And as a visual person, insta is also a mini open journal as I share some parts of my writings, musings and life moments.

Too often, we skip the celebrations or reflection time in our lives. We rush into the next goal without pausing and reflecting about what we achieved, overcame, learned and enjoyed. The good thing about Instagram is that I can look back and remember exactly what was going on at each season of my life. Just like flipping through my old journals. 

June 2017 was a healing month. It shook me and I could feel something shifting :

“I keep having this feeling/ desire/ intuition about a big change coming up this year. Either a move, finding love or growing my biz. I feel something brewing and slowly forming into a miracle.”

Twelve days later, I met the most kind-hearted and soulful man. A love that took me by surprise in some ways, lifted me higher and expanded my heart immensely.

Dear Universe, I am ready for a big majestic wave of love, abundance, freedom, surfing vibes, yoga and all the magic I dream about.

"A storm was coming but that's not what she felt. It was adventure on the wind and it shivered down her spine."

- Atticus.

I wanted change. I was ready to let go of limiting beliefs, fears and doubts. I actively journaled to understand some patterns, I wrote down under the full moon what I wanted to release and let go. I was ready to create space for new beliefs, new expansion, new love.

A new chapter started, I can feel it. Letting go of some toxic energy - from people to thoughts and limiting beliefs. I will do a full moon ceremony tonight - letting go of what no longer serves me, so I can create space for more of the same high vibes in love, money, career, lifestyle, travels. Creating magic with the Universe.

At the time I struggled with expressing myself, lacked confidence and was healing some old relationships stories. I loved what I was doing- teaching yoga, hosting workshops and writing, but I felt something was missing.

Fast forward to a year later and when I think about who I was, I feel such a big shift. A change that is most noticeable from within. 

It’s also quite a funny thing and pretty cool as well, to connect the dots and to see how things unfolded in magical ways. I wanna tell my June 2017 self to feel all the feels and find peace and trust in the process. To fall in love with the unknown. By surrendering to what is, we allow the Universe to do it’s thing. I wanna tell her, that two weeks later after letting go of old sadness, of feeling confused and yearning for a majestic wave, I would meet someone really special who would bring me so much love and healing, who lifted me higher and showed me how a conscious, respectful and loving relationship look like.

I found some old journal entries and feeling quite in awe with what I felt at the time. I felt it coming. I felt this big storm and could feel that wild wave coming to me with good positive change. I’ve also manifested some of my desires and it’s so magical to see them coming to life. To see how connected I am to my intuition. Some desires manifested before the next new moon in June 2017, some are coming to life this year. All in divine timing. 

So much happened since last June. I’ve healed some old relationship patterns, I’ve met a soulful man, I’ve learned to express myself, to speak my truth and use my voice. I've gotten better with my boundaries, my desires and expressing what I want and need. I've realised my worth. I’ve expanded my heart by staying soft while going through heartbreak. I’ve followed my intuition and awakened to this divine feminine. This shakti. I’ve taken steps forward with my business and took inspired actions. I've manifested quite a few things on my vision board. And today, on the Summer Solstice, it feels like a good day to celebrate all that I became. To acknowledge the growth, the pain, the joy, the adventures. To trust once again the Universe and it's divine timing. Giving myself space to keep growing and evolving. To keep seeking a deeper connection with my soul.

On this summer solstice, what can you celebrate in your life? Pause and celebrate.

I'm sharing with you these reflections because it might resonate with you and maybe it's the spark to start a journaling practice, moon intentions or just a desire to pause and reflect. There's so much value in living a conscious life.

If you’re curious to dive deeper into your desires, to connect to yourself- your body, your feminine energy, awaken a confidence that comes from within, we can work together on bringing those qualities into your life. Feel free to reach out to me.

And if you want to set intentions, connect to your body, express yourself and feel energized and buzzing from good vibes, I am hosting a new moon yoga rituals night - mixing dancing, restorative yoga, oracle cards, intentions setting and finishing with a meditation to embody this new energy in your body and every cell of your being. It will be a monthly thing.

Happy Summer Solstice.


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