Late Summer- That Season in Between and how to Take Care of Yourself

Late summer. That time between late August and the autumn equinox is an extra season in Chinese medicine. The great yoga instructor leading the class I took while in London was explaining a few things related to this specific time of the year and it reawakened that desire to dig deeper and get curious on the topic of yoga/ seasons and Chinese medicine. The element is earth. It’s a time when fruits and veggies are ripe and it is harvest season. Also a time to slow down and relax after the summer fire energy and before Autumn.

A few days later, back at home, I went to my monthly acupuncture session and he told me my spleen and stomach were a bit struggling- not surprising as it’s the two organs related to this season as well. He did some massages, cupping and put some needles for those two specifically. He asked me if I was overthinking much ... umm yes.

The last few weeks I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed, exhausted and my mind on overdrive. Thinking about projects, life and all of the things- like that new year feeling we often have in September with the back to school vibes- which I love! But trying to do all the things after the summer break and juggling a packed schedule, I’ve been too much in my yang energy and I've been left feeling a little ungrounded and heavy. My digestion hasn’t been the best. I've been bloated and swollen. And add the menstrual cycle in the middle of it (hello inner autumn!). I’ve felt a little all over the place. And all those symptoms confirmed what my acupuncturist was saying - that my spleen is indeed imbalanced.

I love that our bodies sync with the seasons and for women, also with the moon. The more I bring awareness and curiosity to how I feel emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, the more I understand how my body works, and the more I expand my love and acceptance for all the multifaceted ways I hold within me at different phases. And the more devoted I become to heal and to balance my body and spirit in the best way I can - by being connected to my body, my emotions and my heart so I can recognize the signs and messages my body sends. I see self-care practices as bringing care, attention and love to my body and mental health. To nourish my whole being and to honour all parts of me. Our bodies are full of wisdom. Our bodies are not separate from our thoughts or emotions. It's all part of our whole being.

I am fascinated and passionate about ancient holistic medicines like Chinese medicine and Ayurveda that see the body, mind and spirit as one. When we look at an emotion, organ, life situation or physical imbalance, it is always interconnected with the other ones.

Yoga is a great way to move that energy around to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, to boost the circulation and life force energy (prana / chi) and to reduce stress and bring a sense of relaxation. So I'll make sure that I hop on my mat every day to move and circulate the late summer energy.