Know Your Own Medicine



What turns you on in life?


What makes you feel alive?


What shifts your mood and bring your nervous system to restorative mode?


The big and little things that makes your heart sing.


Do you know what you need to feel rejuvenated, inspired and vibrant?


Do you know your own medicine?


Pleasure is essential for our wellbeing.


Knowing how to recharge our pleasure tank is essential to stay aligned within ourselves, to our physical and mental health, to live a vibrant life.


There are health benefits to pleasure. Pleasure shifts our chemistry and the brain release those "feel-good" chemicals: endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine which overpower the cortisol (stress hormone). So pleasure brings you health, confidence and allows you to live a turned on life.


When we don't fill our pleasure tank, our bodies produce stress hormones, which can increase depression, sadness, anger, loneliness and suppress the immune system.


We live in a society that glorifies a busy lifestyle. From working crazy hours, having little sleep, being on the go all the time to giving your time and energy to everyone but you is seen as the normal way. Pause here for a moment and think about how twisted that is.


When was the last time you did something just for pleasure?

When was the last time you connected to your environment with your five senses?


Get intimate with your self-care practice. We could all benefits from more pleasure in our lives.



For me, it looks a little like this:


♡ Long weekends filled with girlfriends, laughs and soulful conversations.

♡ Summer rain

♡ Welcoming the morning sun.

♡ Wild (naked) swimming in cold turquoise waters.

♡ Hikes in nature and naps.

♡ Reading books on all things women.

♡ Breathing the wild air. 

♡ The smell of pine trees.

♡ Dancing wildly in my room.

♡ That moment you put your feet in the sand for the first time in a while.

♡ The smell and sound of thunderstorms.

♡ Walking barefoot.

♡ Picnics at the park on a balmy summer night.

♡ Cancelled plans and cosy nights in.

♡ Forehead kisses. Puppy kisses.

♡ Spontaneous plans and last minute trips.

♡ Goofing around.

♡ Dancing in the kitchen while cooking. Or in the rain.

♡ Passionately talking about things that make me feel alive.

♡ Writing little notes for people I love.

♡ Big warm hugs

♡ Meeting like-minded souls - the free spirited, the dreamers, the doers, the adventurers, the wild-hearted.

♡ Learning. About yoga, spirituality, the guitar, a new language, health and psychology, all things women.

♡ And about another hundred things that make me feel turned on with life.


My favourite healing medicine is jumping into the sea. Washing away the sadness, the old stories and stagnant energy. I feel cleansed, every time. When you connect with nature - it’s like you get stripped with the essential. You and nature. No room for worries, problems, questions. Everything seems so much clearer. Going head first in the clear turquoise water, salty hair, sun-kissed skin. In union with Mama Earth. 



"Just as a seed needs soil, sun, and water in order to grow, your appetite requires a support system to really spring to life. The best fertilizers you can find for your sprouting desires are fun and pleasure- they are all-natural and you can never have too much of them, so sprinkle them daily throughout your life."

Regena Thomashauer



Make a list of 20 things that bring you pleasure. And keep adding to it. Go to a hundred.


Make pleasure and joy at the core of your life. And see how it boosts your confidence, self-esteem, mindfulness, lifestyle and relationships.


I've created The Women Series to connect and celebrate our womanhood. If you want to bring more pleasure and awaken to a new sense of confidence and joy within your body, I am hosting "Embrace your menstrual & lunar cycle" on Sunday May 27th. More info here.