Jump on your trampoline and have fun!

As kids we all loved jumping on the bed or trampoline. So why stop as we get older?! It's a great workout and most importantly it is fun!  

I started rebounding last winter as a way to keep moving and working out the days I didn't feel like jogging mainly because of a lack of motivation due to snow, darker days or freezing temperatures. I soon was addicted!

Rebounding for 5 minutes a day is already good for your body. And you will get used to it and keep rebounding for longer. When you're angry, stressed, tired, sad, no motivation, when you need a little break from studying, working .. or any kind of mood, jump on your trampoline as it will improve your state of mind! Yes it will!:)

So what is rebounding? Yes, it is simply jumping up and down on a mini-trampoline! But there are some specific exercises that you can do to add diversity in your workout. Put the music on and start jumping! You can jump barefoot or with sneakers. I wouldn't jump with socks as it can be slippery. Personally I love jumping barefoot.

The "health bounce" is a good exercise if you're just starting or warming up. You stand on your trampoline bouncing up & down leaving your feet on the mat. Then when you're more comfortable and you found your balance, you can add some jumping jacks, jogging or twist moves, and even jump as high as you can...but careful to stay on the trampoline and look out for objects around you!;)

Reasons to to jump for a healthy life:


Easy to use

It only requires a mini-trampoline that you can hide under your bed or anywhere in your house. It doesn't take much space and not very expensive. You can use it indoor or outdoor. Easy to carry around the house. You can do it while watching tv or listening to music. You can squeeze it between work, grocery shopping, and another million things on your "to do list".. and it is a great way to release tension and stress. A 5 minute break helps you to go back to your daily tasks more focused and energized than before. It can be a great alternative for the ones who don't like fitness nor running, or the ones addicted to their tv!



It improves your heart and lungs function which is also beneficial for your breathing. It strengthen your heart. I saw the improvement on myself. The more I was rebounding, the better I was running and my breathing was getting better. So it's also a good combination if you're doing other sports too.



The gravity exercised with jumping up and down is good for your lymphatic system, which cleanse your body from toxins and waste. According to Dr. Morton Walker, "the lymphatic system is the met­abolic garbage can of the body.  It rids the body of toxins such as dead and cancerous cells, nitrogenous wastes, fat, infectious viruses, heavy metals and other assorted junk which has been cast off by the cells". The lymphatic system doesn't' have a pump to activate the fluid. It needs movement to get rid of the toxins and thats why moving is so important and helps to flush out the waste. It is reported that rebounding increases the lymph flow by 15 to 30 times. It's also good for your digestive system as it stimulates every internal organs so the elimination process gets better.


Boost your immune system

Rebounding is a full body workout, from your muscles to your internal organs. It's a great way to strengthen your immune system and fight against infections. More oxygen circulates through your tissues. It increases your red blood cells, lower your blood pressure and improves your blood circulation.


Weight loss

It's a great workout and it's even better than running according to a NASA study which stated that rebounding is 68% effective and less harmful for your joints & bones as it is softer on your body. It exercises almost every muscles of your body  and tone you up - the gentle way. It increases your metabolism and helps to shed pounds. 


Happy jumping day!