How to start your day, the happy way!



Isn't it great the days you wake up in a good mood, the sun is shining or rain is showing up but you're ready to face the day and feel good?! Well I know it doesn't always happen like that and if you keep pushing snooze and you need to drag yourself out of bed...then you mornings are usually more like this #ILOVEMYBEDTOOMUCHTOLEAVEIT, like the majority of us and lets not even talk about snowy winters.

Here are some of my little morning rituals that make me smile and give me good vibes for the day:


  • Take time to wake up, stretch in your bed and feel your body after a night in dreamland. Set your alarm clock a few minutes earlier so you have time to slowly come back to life. Our cats & dogs friends practice this stretching routine pretty well!


  • Your alarm clock might well be giving you a panic attack every time you hear it, so think of other options like those zen clock or the ones simulating the sun light. You can also leave your blinds/curtains with some light passing through so your body will slowly be waking up by itself for a less aggressive wake up.


  • Positive vibes. First thought of the day should put a smile on your face! :) It can be a photo, an inspirational quote, your love sleeping next to you, your dog, the thought of something good planned for the day.


  • Be grateful for one more day where you get to be happy & in good health!


  •  Start your day with a fresh glass of water. This is something I can't live without. It is good for you as it hydrates your body after a long or short night, it gets rid of toxins, it's good for your brain and all your organs. And you can already cross one of the 8 glasses of water you should be drinking everyday. You can add some lemon juice in your water, it has many wonderful benefits and you'll be sure to have your vitamins C.


  • Open your window and take a couple of breaths. The fresh air will help you open your sleepy eyes.


  • Exercise! Yes! From sun salutations to a jog, jumping on your trampoline or sitting still & meditating for  5-10min, walking/biking to work, dancing in your kitchen, there are plenty of options to jumpstart your day. Get off a few stops before your destination and walk instead! Enjoy the fresh air, since you'll mostly be inside for the rest of the day! It will boost your mood and energy!


  • Put on lotion on your body. It will keep your skin hydrated and has a relax feeling of caring and connecting with your body. You'll feel good in your skin!Always finish your shower with cold water (at least your legs). It will improve your blood circulation, boost your immunity and it is definitely an energizer.


  • Juice/Smoothie Time!! This will give you the little energy boost! As you know breakfast will give you the strength to start the day and maintain your concentration level.



And don't leave your house without hugging your family, your love or your dog! This is some crazy super energy coming your way! ;)

So take time for your special mornings. Treat your body well, it is precious. Hitting the snooze button and rushing to work on an empty stomach won't put you in a good mood and won't help your health in the long run.

Share your morning rituals! Do you have any special routine?

Happy Mornings!