How to shake things up when you're feeling down


How do you center yourself and find your balance again when stress, fear or sadness shows up? Because no matter how healthy & happy you are, there's always going to be moments when life gets a bit more messy and challenging. It's hard to never encounter moments of panic, fatigue, anger or feeling stuck. That's why I like having a little "Get your Good Vibes Back" kit for those rainy days. Even though you may not be feeling like doing any of these things when you're down, by having them in mind or in writing, knowing you will feel better after it, will motivate you to try them.

Here's my "Good Vibes Kit" for rainy days:


  • Go outdoor. Take a walk, a run in the rain, soak up some sunshine vibe or enjoy the fresh air.  Even 5 minutes. This can do wonders.


  • Go upside down. Doing some inversions in yoga (safely) will not only get your blood flow moving to your brain but it will change your perspective. A simple downward dog will bring you some goodness.


  • Connect. Call a friend or meet up for coffee, a Skype chat with a special soul across oceans that you haven't talked to in a while will make your heart sing. Friendships are gold. Warm long hugs are good too.


  • Give yourself some space. Be with your emotions and don't try to numb them. It's totally ok to feel this way and know that one thing for sure is that it will pass. Things always change, it's the impermanence of life.


  • Slow down. Get some rest, take a restorative yoga class, meditate, listen to mantras or calming music. Light up candles, take a bubble bath, read a good book or watch your favorite movie.


  • Shake it off.  Put on your favorite music and dance wildly in your kitchen or jump on your trampoline. Going back to your body through movement, expressing yourself and letting go of emotions when feeling sad or angry can have powerful effects.


  • Send love. Spread love with a snail mail letter, a surprise love note, random acts of kindness, be of service for someone who needs it. Doing something for someone else will bring you out of your monkey mind.


  • Gratitude. Hop on the gratitude train, as it has been shown to lift your mood and bring more happiness to your life.


  • Nourish. Your body & soul. Connect to your body and check what it needs. Look after yourself by cooking healthy and fresh food, going for a massage or other types of bodywork, do something that will light up your heart and move the energies in your body.


  • Journaling. Put your thoughts on paper. Let it flow. It doesn't matter what your write, just write down what comes to mind. It often brings you answers and clarity.


  • Nature. In the woods, by the ocean, or at the park…whatever form of nature you have around you…go  spend some time surrounded by it. Nature has a healing way to refresh your soul, calm your mind and ground your feet.


  • Take the first step. Sometimes we see a huge mountain that we're supposed to climb and we get overwhelmed by the idea of the hard work and long hours it requires. Taking one small achievable step will bring you satisfaction and momentum to keep going.


  • Unplug. From your phone, news and computer. Take a day off from technology and let your creativity speak - painting, dancing, writing, knitting, taking photos -  find something that takes your mind off and come back to your heart.


  • Make space. Organize and de-clutter your home.


  • Does it really matter? Take a step back and ask yourself that question. Seeing the bigger picture can make our worries less important than it really is.


  • Surrender to uncertainty and trust the Universe.


Tell me, what's in your good vibes kit? How do you find that sparkle again? How do you shake things up when you're in a funk? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below.

Happy Vibes!