How to keep the vacation vibe when coming back home


"Nowhere is there a more idyllic spot, a vacation home more private and peaceful, than in one's own mind, especially when it is furnished in such a way that the merest inward glance induces ease. Take this vacation as often as you like and so charge your spirit."

Marcus Aurelius


I just got back from a mini week in the mountains which was pure bliss. Mountain vibe. Fresh air. Majestic trees. Hiking everyday. Outdoor living. Welcoming the sun & rain. The smell of pine trees and the sound of streams. No wifi. Just books. And laughs. That's how I recharge my batteries. My good vibe tank is pretty full I must say.


I am the type of girl who usually feels a bit down when coming home after weekends of fun or adventures around the world. That nostalgic feeling that special moments are over- that post vacation syndrome. I disconnect so much from reality and live in the moment so much that coming back to emails, to do lists and other daily joys can sometimes feel a bit depressing, so I thought I'll try to keep the good vibes going.

So how do you keep that glow when routine is back?

How can you savor that bliss feeling a bit longer?

Here's how I'm keeping the "feel good" vacation vibes:


1. Gratitude attitude

Gratitude rocks! Be grateful you had the chance to live that experience. The discoveries, the adventures, the laughs, the connections and fun times. It might be cliché but it's also because it has an end that we appreciate those moments so much. Summer wouldn't be the same without winter, right?


2. Re-live the moment 

When you are on that beach sipping a coconut, watching a magnificent sunset, hiking that trail or simply enjoying breakfast in the sun with friends, press your index finger against your thumb to anchor that feeling, that happy vibes. Every time during your trip, you're having a bliss moment, do that little gesture. It's called anchoring technique in NLP (neuro-lingustic programming). It helps your brain associate that movement with happiness so every time you do it, it will bring you back to that blissful state. Meditating and visualizing yourself in that place again is another way to relive the magic or simply looking at pictures, videos might bring you a smile and make your heart sing all over again.


3. How did it make you feel?

Identify the feelings you've had during those fun times. Maybe it's feeling free, alive, rested, energized? Maybe it's spending all that time outdoors or discovering something new, that exciting feeling of a new place or a familiar one. Whatever that is, pay closer attention to how you felt and find ways to bring those feelings back in your daily life. It might not be as intense as when you were on holidays, but it might get you closer to that "high on life" vibe.


4. Keep that holiday momentum going

What I often notice when I come back from adventures is the energy and inspiration that has been created while being away and am usually excited to move forward and get things done when home. While away, it's often an ideal opportunity to get a bigger picture of your life, to see things more clearly- see what works and what doesn't, the projects, the lifestyle. It's a time where the energy and motivation is high. So take some time to make a list, brainstorm ideas and set intentions of what you'd like to keep doing while back home. How can you bring more balance or good vibes into your week? It might be moving your body, spending time in nature, eating more fresh food or reading a good book before bed instead of being on social media.  It's actually easier to start new habits right after your vacation so take this as a good timing to make some changes in your life.


5. Plan mini-adventures

You don't have to wait a year until your next annual vacation to feel relaxed and alive. I love the concept of mini adventures. It can last as long as you wish- even an hour if that's all you've got. It's about feeling that aliveness and excitement more often than not. Make a list of how you could add some wild happy hearted moments to your week.

In the end it's about our mindset and perspective. We can see these magical times as authentic moments we'll always remember and cherish, stories to write about that will make us smile.

Happy Vibes!