Honor That Body of Yours


I recently tried a brazilian workout called ginastica natural - a mix of yoga and jujitsu where you basically use natural movements. It was in a park filled with people enjoying the late afternoon sun, playing and having picnics. As I was moving my body and enjoying myself I noticed a guy watching from afar. He was in a wheelchair. He later came up to me to talk and ask about the special workout we were doing and have a little chat. This whole moment touched me and made me realize even more deeply how we take our bodies and health for granted.

So if your body lets you move freely:

walk, run, swim, hike, dance.


Play. Play. Play.

Honor and celebrate your body for everything it's doing for you everyday. Your heart never misses a beat, you breathe more than 20'000 times a day usually without noticing it. Celebrate your body. From going to a yoga class or a swim, to dancing or any activity that will bring you good vibes and joy. Don't wait until you're a certain size or number on the scale to start living and enjoying your life or doing exciting things. Wear bright colors and clothes that make you feel glowing now, climb trees, go paddle boarding or surfing, spend time in nature. Forget about the cellulite - a little heads up, everyone has it! Forget about not being ready or in shape until you step into a new class - you're a beginner, you'll learn and enjoy moving your body and discovering something new.

How do you want to feel?

If you're like me, maybe feminine, adventurous, flexible, strong, joyful and free. So don't wait until you reach some vague soul-less future goals until you celebrate your life, your health and body. I say it all the time, but life's too damn short not to do the things that matters and brings you joy. Shower your body with love by caring with delicious and nourishing whole foods, with getting enough quality sleep (it is so underrated!), by moving your body- we're not meant to sit all day long, everyday. So whenever you can, stand up, stretch, move. And I think we could all add a bit more play into our lives- and summer is the perfect time for that!

Send some gratitude vibes towards your body today and everyday. Make it a sacred thing. Because it is.