Embracing Spring Energy


"Spring is nature's way of saying, "let's party." Robin Williams


As I give thanks to winter and it's nurturing and cosy energy, I am quite excited with spring equinox today. After this day, the sun gifts us with more light everyday. Gratitude vibe just right here! The sound of happy birds, the smell of crisp mornings, eyes filled with blue skies, oh spring, it's lovely to have you back!  It feels like all my senses rejoice with its arrival. If you're like me, your body and soul may have been craving sunshine, fresh air and lighter food. Nature is so magic that if you listen and pay attention to your body, it will provide everything you need every season to thrive and feel vibrant. I am amazed at how more connected I am to life's natural rhythm. My body craves leafy greens and radishes (food nerd I know!), I've switched my morning oatmeal/ chia seeds bowl for green smoothies and I am moving my body everyday with joy. I'm slowly releasing limiting beliefs and old habits that no longer serves me. Creative flow is coming, energy is higher. Yoga does that to you! ; )

So, it's time to shake up that winter layer and soak up that powerful energy coming in. You may feel sluggish, tired or heavy during this transition time but there's also a sense of rebirth, renewal and new beginnings happening in spring as it happens with nature. It's the ideal time to hop on that energising wagon and enjoy the freshness of feeling alive!

I thought I would share my favorite rituals to embrace spring and its vibrant energy.

Here's a few ways to ease into the season:




  • Vigorous exercise

    After months of hibernation and slower flow of life, it's time to incorporate more movement into your day - rebounding, swimming, yoga are ideal to build up heat in the body. You want to activate the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins and waste accumulated during winter.

  • Food

    Time to wake up your body and cells and pay a visit to the farmer's market. Add lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to your meals and avoid sugar, dairy, alcohol, meat, caffeine for 2 weeks to give a break to your digestive system.

  • Dry skin brushing

    Skin is the biggest organ in the body so it's important to get rid of the toxins that get accumulated. Dry brushing exfoliates dead skin and stimulates circulation and the lymphatic system. Best time to do it is in the morning before your shower. Use a natural dry brush and go in circle motion from your feet towards your heart - always go in the direction of your heart. Continue with a hot/cold shower as it will improve your blood flow and give you a boost as your heart rate will accelerate and more oxygen will be released.


  • Embrace spaciousness

    Declutter your home. Simplicity is more. Clutter blocks the energy and makes it harder to move forward with projects. Get rid of the clothes you haven't worn in the past year, donate or throw away the things that are taking dust, create space in your home for your mind to be creative and let that fresh energy in. Open your windows too.

   "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful." 

William Morris

  • Let go

    Pause for a moment and check where you are in your life now. It's a good time to let go of unhealthy habits, relationships or anything that is no longer serving you.


    • Connect with nature.

      Go for walks or just spend more time outdoors, soak up the first warm rays of sunshine and recharge your vitamin D levels.


  • Meditation

    Deep breathing. Quiet time. Visualise and meditate on where you want to go, who you want to become. Reset your intentions.

Do you have any springtime rituals? What makes you happy? I'd love to hear any other wellness & healthy tips you have to feel vibrant during this time of year.

Happy Spring!