Embrace the holidays and stay vibrant

Hello December!  

As our calendars hit december, it's officially holiday month madness. I've always loved that time of year- the cosiness, the lights, the holiday cheer and the snowy mountains. But for a long time, it was filled with stress, getting sick and overwhelmed with crazy weeks. The rush of gift hunting, parties to attend, the food, work and family-  things we all know too well. But the past few years I've been slowing down, which has resulted in feeling more vibrant and actually taking time to enjoy the festive season.


5 Ways to enjoy the holidays while staying vibrant



Make sure you include some pampering this month- with a massage, sauna time with girl friends, a quiet evening or a candlelit bath. Anything that screams cozy and relaxing. Schedule it in your agenda between all the commitments. Nourish your body with food that bring your cells in a firework of energy. Sweat. Go for a run or a yoga class. If short on time, there's heaps of videos on youtube. Everyone can find 15 minutes for a bit of movement. Take the night off for Christmas movies. Cherish that body and mind of yours to stay healthy during the holidays.



Keep pleasure in mind this season when you RSVP to parties and other commitments. Do you really want to go to this holiday party or annual catch up? Same for food. Drop the guilt and do enjoy the food, but just ask yourself if that extra pie is nourishing you and bringing you joy. Choose the ones you really love and look forward to and leave the extra processed cookies where they are. Go for delicious! Don't go for the half as good pies or Christmas work buffet. Remember it's not one meal that will change your weight and overall wellbeing, it's a combination of multiple meals. So be mindful and add more veggies, soups & stews while at home and do enjoy the festive season.



Meditation is a goodie. Even 5 or 10 minutes a day can make you feel more centered and calm. Focus on your breathe whenever you feel the crazy rush going though your body and mind. Slow down. Lie in savasana. Take a moment to live more consciously. Stop checking your phone while someone is telling you all about their latest adventure or plans for the holidays. Make eye contact. Be in your body. There's an energy around us that people feel when we are truly present, which is kinda magical.



Less is more. Give your presence instead of presents. Stay connected. Better spend your time with dear ones instead of hours chasing gifts in stores. We're all over the place, multi-tasking and stressing about a million things on our to do list before the year ends. But what matters most is quality time spent with people you love and might not see very often. Also on the pursuit of the perfect gift, I say let it go. Why not stick to one gift policy. Handmade even better.  Use your creativity. Pour some love. Master the art of gift wrapping. I find more joy in making something with my hands then buying a store bought item last minute. From body scrubs to personalized mugs or little themed baskets of little things. Check     Pinterest to get some ideas.



This one's an essential. Wake up, take a deep inhale and say a "Thank You" prayer. For your life, your loved ones, for what makes your heart beat faster. Being grateful for all that you have will put things in perspective if you're not a fan of the holidays or going through a hard time. There's always some magic happening even in the midst of chaos. And a sweet idea to show your love and gratitude is by sending handwritten letters. Snail mail mixed with lovin' vibes will only warm the hearts of that dear friend you haven't seen in ages or the one who lives across oceans from you.

Be merry & happy!