Let the Magic Unravel: Reflections on Transformation

One of the reasons I love having a journaling practice is to be able to look back and know exactly how I was feeling at specific times. It’s a real treasure to have all these insights on how I was feeling and what was going on in my life. I love reflecting and growing. And my journal just help me to look back and see how much I’ve expanded. And as a visual person, insta is also a mini open journal as I share some parts of my writings, musings and life moments.

Too often, we skip the celebrations or reflection time in our lives. We rush into the next goal without pausing and reflecting about what we achieved, overcame, learned and enjoyed. The good thing about Instagram is that I can look back and remember exactly what was going on at each season of my life. Just like flipping through my old journals. 

June 2017 was a healing month. It shook me and I could feel something shifting :

“I keep having this feeling/ desire/ intuition about a big change coming up this year. Either a move, finding love or growing my biz. I feel something brewing and slowly forming into a miracle.”

Twelve days later, I met the most kind-hearted and soulful man. A love that took me by surprise in some ways, lifted me higher and expanded my heart immensely.

Dear Universe, I am ready for a big majestic wave of love, abundance, freedom, surfing vibes, yoga and all the magic I dream about.

"A storm was coming but that's not what she felt. It was adventure on the wind and it shivered down her spine."

- Atticus.

I wanted change. I was ready to let go of limiting beliefs, fears and doubts. I actively journaled to understand some patterns, I wrote down under the full moon what I wanted to release and let go. I was ready to create space for new beliefs, new expansion, new love.

A new chapter started, I can feel it. Letting go of some toxic energy - from people to thoughts and limiting beliefs. I will do a full moon ceremony tonight - letting go of what no longer serves me, so I can create space for more of the same high vibes in love, money, career, lifestyle, travels. Creating magic with the Universe.

At the time I struggled with expressing myself, lacked confidence and was healing some old relationships stories. I loved what I was doing- teaching yoga, hosting workshops and writing, but I felt something was missing.

Fast forward to a year later and when I think about who I was, I feel such a big shift. A change that is most noticeable from within. 

It’s also quite a funny thing and pretty cool as well, to connect the dots and to see how things unfolded in magical ways. I wanna tell my June 2017 self to feel all the feels and find peace and trust in the process. To fall in love with the unknown. By surrendering to what is, we allow the Universe to do it’s thing. I wanna tell her, that two weeks later after letting go of old sadness, of feeling confused and yearning for a majestic wave, I would meet someone really special who would bring me so much love and healing, who lifted me higher and showed me how a conscious, respectful and loving relationship look like.

I found some old journal entries and feeling quite in awe with what I felt at the time. I felt it coming. I felt this big storm and could feel that wild wave coming to me with good positive change. I’ve also manifested some of my desires and it’s so magical to see them coming to life. To see how connected I am to my intuition. Some desires manifested before the next new moon in June 2017, some are coming to life this year. All in divine timing. 

So much happened since last June. I’ve healed some old relationship patterns, I’ve met a soulful man, I’ve learned to express myself, to speak my truth and use my voice. I've gotten better with my boundaries, my desires and expressing what I want and need. I've realised my worth. I’ve expanded my heart by staying soft while going through heartbreak. I’ve followed my intuition and awakened to this divine feminine. This shakti. I’ve taken steps forward with my business and took inspired actions. I've manifested quite a few things on my vision board. And today, on the Summer Solstice, it feels like a good day to celebrate all that I became. To acknowledge the growth, the pain, the joy, the adventures. To trust once again the Universe and it's divine timing. Giving myself space to keep growing and evolving. To keep seeking a deeper connection with my soul.

On this summer solstice, what can you celebrate in your life? Pause and celebrate.

I'm sharing with you these reflections because it might resonate with you and maybe it's the spark to start a journaling practice, moon intentions or just a desire to pause and reflect. There's so much value in living a conscious life.

If you’re curious to dive deeper into your desires, to connect to yourself- your body, your feminine energy, awaken a confidence that comes from within, we can work together on bringing those qualities into your life. Feel free to reach out to me.

And if you want to set intentions, connect to your body, express yourself and feel energized and buzzing from good vibes, I am hosting a new moon yoga rituals night - mixing dancing, restorative yoga, oracle cards, intentions setting and finishing with a meditation to embody this new energy in your body and every cell of your being. It will be a monthly thing.

Happy Summer Solstice.


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Coming Home to Yourself



One thing I’ve been doing for years, a practice I started in my late teens, and something I’ve learned from my mom (and dad), is going on solo dates.



My mom embodies a freedom, aliveness and joy that radiates so naturally from within. She has always loved flying on her own - no matter if she’s in a relationship or not. She goes to the movies, music festivals and concerts, to breakfast at the lake, snowboarding or long weekends in the mountains on her own. She doesn’t wait for someone to make her happy. She doesn’t wait for people to be available to join her on her adventures. She loves company and is a great entertainer, but she loves her own company just as much. And by investing in her pleasure, she attracts people around her, as she’s got this charisma and adventurous and joyful spirit. People want to be around her.


This little golden way of life has been ingrained in me throughout the years. I feel very lucky for this precious life wisdom she shared by living and being herself.


So I never had any problems to pick up my backpack and book a flight for some solo adventures, or going to concerts by myself or wearing an outfit that makes me feel good and feminine and go for a stroll and I am as comfortable staying in on a Friday night with a book, candelit bath and home cooked dinner. I love being on my own as much as I love company and being in a relationship.


There’s something quite empowering when you realise that you’re a pretty cool human being and that you can find peace, joy and fun within.


I’ve been to concerts on my own, being totally high on the music and witnessing couples being cold and distant to each other. I’ve heard stories of couples staying together out of fear of being on their own, or people preferring to stay home instead of booking a trip or concert that they really wanted to experience.


It’s not something that comes easily for everyone, I get it.


So why does it matter to get curious and maybe experiment on the solo dating thing.


Well, it’s part of discovering yourself. Who you really are behind all those labels - romantic partner, daughter, mother, sister, friend. It’s by creating space that we can deepen our relationship with ourselves. It’s by being silent that we can listen. It is the most important relationship we have the honour to cultivate.


And by practicing and experimenting, you’ll start to feel good in your own skin and have the courage to dip your toes in new waters, exploring your passions, getting curious and trying something new.


Getting intimate with your own company will boost your confidence, bring you joy and you’ll cultivate pleasure. It’s an act of self-love. You are worth it. Make it a sacred experience. Something joyful and peaceful. Learning to love your presence. Because you matter and are a pretty rad human I believe.


By dating yourself, you’ll be able to understand yourself and your partner better.


I am sharing all things relationships this Sunday June 10th at Cabinet 22. From the importance of solo dating, to learning ways people show and receive love, to attachment styles (anxious, avoidant and secure), and some boundaries exercises that will make you more confident with your yes’s & no’s.

Know Your Own Medicine



What turns you on in life?


What makes you feel alive?


What shifts your mood and bring your nervous system to restorative mode?


The big and little things that makes your heart sing.


Do you know what you need to feel rejuvenated, inspired and vibrant?


Do you know your own medicine?


Pleasure is essential for our wellbeing.


Knowing how to recharge our pleasure tank is essential to stay aligned within ourselves, to our physical and mental health, to live a vibrant life.


There are health benefits to pleasure. Pleasure shifts our chemistry and the brain release those "feel-good" chemicals: endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine which overpower the cortisol (stress hormone). So pleasure brings you health, confidence and allows you to live a turned on life.


When we don't fill our pleasure tank, our bodies produce stress hormones, which can increase depression, sadness, anger, loneliness and suppress the immune system.


We live in a society that glorifies a busy lifestyle. From working crazy hours, having little sleep, being on the go all the time to giving your time and energy to everyone but you is seen as the normal way. Pause here for a moment and think about how twisted that is.


When was the last time you did something just for pleasure?

When was the last time you connected to your environment with your five senses?


Get intimate with your self-care practice. We could all benefits from more pleasure in our lives.



For me, it looks a little like this:


♡ Long weekends filled with girlfriends, laughs and soulful conversations.

♡ Summer rain

♡ Welcoming the morning sun.

♡ Wild (naked) swimming in cold turquoise waters.

♡ Hikes in nature and naps.

♡ Reading books on all things women.

♡ Breathing the wild air. 

♡ The smell of pine trees.

♡ Dancing wildly in my room.

♡ That moment you put your feet in the sand for the first time in a while.

♡ The smell and sound of thunderstorms.

♡ Walking barefoot.

♡ Picnics at the park on a balmy summer night.

♡ Cancelled plans and cosy nights in.

♡ Forehead kisses. Puppy kisses.

♡ Spontaneous plans and last minute trips.

♡ Goofing around.

♡ Dancing in the kitchen while cooking. Or in the rain.

♡ Passionately talking about things that make me feel alive.

♡ Writing little notes for people I love.

♡ Big warm hugs

♡ Meeting like-minded souls - the free spirited, the dreamers, the doers, the adventurers, the wild-hearted.

♡ Learning. About yoga, spirituality, the guitar, a new language, health and psychology, all things women.

♡ And about another hundred things that make me feel turned on with life.


My favourite healing medicine is jumping into the sea. Washing away the sadness, the old stories and stagnant energy. I feel cleansed, every time. When you connect with nature - it’s like you get stripped with the essential. You and nature. No room for worries, problems, questions. Everything seems so much clearer. Going head first in the clear turquoise water, salty hair, sun-kissed skin. In union with Mama Earth. 



"Just as a seed needs soil, sun, and water in order to grow, your appetite requires a support system to really spring to life. The best fertilizers you can find for your sprouting desires are fun and pleasure- they are all-natural and you can never have too much of them, so sprinkle them daily throughout your life."

Regena Thomashauer



Make a list of 20 things that bring you pleasure. And keep adding to it. Go to a hundred.


Make pleasure and joy at the core of your life. And see how it boosts your confidence, self-esteem, mindfulness, lifestyle and relationships.


I've created The Women Series to connect and celebrate our womanhood. If you want to bring more pleasure and awaken to a new sense of confidence and joy within your body, I am hosting "Embrace your menstrual & lunar cycle" on Sunday May 27th. More info here.

Stories on heartbreak, intuition and awakening


I wanna tell you a story.


A story of beauty, grace, tears, synchronicities, surrender and trust. A story of awakening.


There are life moments that need to be put on paper. Tears and words that need to be written. Emotions that need to be expressed.


Through the years, I’ve learned to trust the Universe. Every time a little bit more.  Every heartbreak, every unexpected turns bringing me closer to my soul. 


On a cold winter night, my relationship came to an end. My heart sunk at the thought of not sharing my life with this soulful man anymore. No more sacred mornings, no more goofiness, no more of his precious presence in my life.


I always found it unnatural how two people who share a life together can in the blink of a moment become strangers in a way. I write stranger, but I know we’ll never be like that. The beauty, grace, love and respect we gave each other in those moments meant the world to me and showed me the power of soul connections and a beautiful reflection of our relationship.


I am finding peace in the words of Nayyirah Waheed,


when you meet that person. a person. one of your soulmates. let the connection. relationship be what it is. it may be five mins. five hours. five days. five months. five years. a lifetime. let it manifest itself, the way it is meant to. it has an organic destiny. this way if it stays or if it leaves, you will be softer from having been loved this authentically. souls come into, return, open, and sweep through your life for a myriad of reasons, let them be who and what they are meant.


My heart has been broken but in the midst of all the sadness, I soar. The Universe is guiding me. I know.


A few days later, I was hosting a workshop on a cosy winter Sunday morning, on setting new intentions for the new year. The collective energy from the women who joined me just blew me away. We all felt it. These women who showed up, opened their heart, held space for each other - to be silent, to listen, to speak, to share, to reflect. As they were leaving the old town studio space buzzing from the high vibes we created together during this intimate morning, they spontaneously decided they would all come to my yoga class a few days later and we agreed to do a full moon ceremony. Just like that, I hold my first women’s circle. After the yoga class, we gathered around in circle, cosy on cushions and bolsters in the candlelit studio. Sharing openly about what it meant for us to be a woman, we hold space for each other to express what was in our hearts. We finished the night by writing down on a piece of paper what we wanted to let go of. We gathered outside by a fountain on this winter eclipse and full moon night, burning those papers filled with ink, heaviness, old stories and beliefs we no longer needed.


The day before, I was on Google searching for all things women’s circle. I was curious to learn more about how to host those gatherings. And just like that, I found Emily Kuser. She had written a guide on how to host women’s circle. Her words spoke to me, so I looked on her website and saw she was hosting a Women’s self-care training in a few weeks - three weeks later exactly. In Goa, India. She had this glow and something instantly connected me to her.


As I was reading the description of the course, my whole body lit up. A tingling sensation all over my body. My heart beating faster from excitement for the potential future plans. A full body yes. My intuition was so strong in that moment. An inner knowing. Like I already knew I was about to step into a life- changing experience. The days leading up to the full moon and eclipse, I had been feeling all the emotions and felt a deep connection to the moon. The strongest I’ve ever felt. I’ve always loved the moon and through the years I’ve been learning more about its power and magic. The moon is the feminine energy. As women, we are deeply connected to it. We often forget about it and function on autopilot. But in ancient times, women were guided by the moon- and aligned with their menstrual cycle.


In that moment, I knew. I would fly to India for the first time and have a transformative and healing experience. Those strong intuitive moments are so powerful - and somehow everything aligned - time and money. It was a powerful reminder that when I want something fiercely, I make it happen.


Three weeks and three planes later, I landed in Goa at sunset. Suddenly immersed in Indian life. Finding myself walking through a busy crossroad with my driver, stray dogs on the side of the road, the air warm and humid and the enchanting smell of incense in the lively streets as we drove through the winding roads. It all felt exhilarating. 


Those deep soul shaking moments of wild intuition only happened a few times in my life. Always guiding me to life-changing experiences. I felt it when I moved to Sydney at 20. When I fell in love in my early twenties. When I enrolled to my health coaching course. When I quit my job and flew to Bali to do my yoga teacher training. When I met and fell in love with my recent ex-boyfriend. And now India with the women’s yoga training. All those strong intuitive connections aligning me to my soul.


And so, finding myself in a luscious green environment with a group of fierce and open-hearted women, diving deeper into our feminine energy. I’ve had a few powerful and healing experiences during this intensive training. Most of them happened through breathwork and meditation. Releasing old wounds I didn’t even know I had, uncontrollable tears, sensations and visions felt in my whole body that were so intensely real. I also had an experience of reclaiming my power, of unconditional love for myself. Those experiences blew me away as I realised the power of bodywork. That’s why dancing, singing, expressing yourself, breathing, meditating can have a transformative impact on us. Even more so when experienced with a group of women. Something shifted for me in those moments. I found my shakti.


Since being back, I needed time to retreat in my bubble, to integrate all the learnings, the blocks and wounds removed, the letting go and the sacred connection with myself. What emerged from that is this super exciting “The Women Series” - a series of workshops on all things women. Something shifted since my break up, since India. I’ve got this fire in me - a fire that’s been there for years without knowing what to do exactly with it. And in some ways, it all seems to come full circle. The dots throughout the years are magically connecting.


Take your broken heart, make it into art.” A dear friend shared these Carrie Fisher words with me the day after my break up. I’ve written those words on a post-it that reminds me everyday where to put my energy. When our hearts gets broken, the energy can be channeled in very different ways. This time, I consciously decided to focus my energy on something that would bring life to my heart as I remember my desire to soar this year. So, I am doing my best to channel this heartbroken energy into something that matters dearly to my heart and soul. To awaken the heart and bodies of women so they can reclaim their intuitive power. And through this work, I heal myself at the same time.


I am not the same I was 10 months ago. I am not the same I was one or two months ago. Every time we meet a soul that will change our lives or experience something that will shake things up, we will be forced to expand- our love, our compassion, our curiosity and learn to keep some kind of inner peace and trust as we break down some barriers and limits beliefs along the way. The lessons and challenges are here to open the heart, not to close it. There is no growth, no love and meaning in hardening the heart when things get hard. Let’s keep our heart soft, shall we?


With that energy, I am hosting a Women's Circle and The Women Series where we'll explore all things women. I am so passionate about sharing the wisdom, we as women, all have within us. This is for local women who hate small talk and just want to talk about the Universe, connect to their heart and feminine power and who are looking for a community of like-minded souls.

Sacred Seventeen.

Sacred Seventeen.

That’s what I named you on January 1st as I watched the golden sunset over the snowy peaks. That was my word. I felt called to bring some sacredness into my daily life. To see the beauty in the ordinary. To feel a sense of extraordinary with this life of mine.


When I reflect and look at my monthly moments, a page in my planner where I write all the magical moments, I see a lot of gezellig/ cosy times and some comfort zone crushing moments. I’ve also looked at my instagram to see my year in pictures and captions which is pretty cool. Bringing a lot of memories and defining moments back to life. My journal is also where I write my highs and lows, my healing and breakthroughs, my wild-hearted days, lessons and fears, my dreams and intentions. It’s where I connect the dots, when I see what I manifested.


Reflecting on the year is something really essential for my growth, for me to expand and bring more of my heart’s desires to life. Looking back on the challenges, the lessons, the accomplishments and the moments that will make the final cut in my life movie. It’s so easy to forget all those moments as we rush into the new year and write down our resolutions or goals for the new year, but if you pause for a moment and reflect on what unfolded for you on those 365 days, you will find moments when you were brave, when you showed up for yourself, for others. When you made it through darker times and found an inner strength within you.


Taking time to look back at all the moments that made your heart sing, that brought you on a high or on you knees, the connections and growth you’ve been through. But also the mistakes, the lessons, the darker days. Cherish those moments by remembering them and by learning from them.


What challenges did you go through?


What did you accomplish that makes you proud?


What were your favourite days? Can you see a common theme that keeps coming up?

Use this as a clue to bring more of those days into your life.

I started the year with a few epic snowy adventures. Escaping the grey city for snowy peaks and blue skies.


I’ve taught yoga to school kids. Not my usual crowd.


I expanded my comfort zone quite a few times. Creating my first online program with my friend Jawan.  I realized that I work best with deadlines and accountability.  


I’ve jumped on a plane to London, listening to my intuition, to meet and learn from some pretty amazing and inspiring biz ladies. Some I’ve been following for years that were also on my vision board. Those connections get me on a high. These ladies have inspired me immensely as I dived deeper into growing my business.


I’ve been interviewed on my first ever podcast. So ecstatic for this one. It’s coming in January. So excited!


I’ve found a wild adventurer soul with who I get to share magical moments with.


It’s also the year my dog, my little Beeboop and bestie joined the sky to chase the stars. I miss her so much. I’ve been feeling her presence and love so strongly since I’ve been in the mountains. Her spirit lives on as she’s with me playing in the snow or next to me as I write these words.


My two koalas, niece and nephew, have been bringing me all the joy and love. My heart is always singing when I am playing with these two wild ones. Being a crazy auntie is just the best thing. Nothing warms my heart more than hearing my nephew say Auntie.


I surfed the wild and cold waves of the Atlantic. Healing ocean. Always. I’ve been reunited with my yoga bubble roomie, Emily, in the streets of Lisbon on a summer day. It’s one of the best feeling, being reunited with soulful friends. I’ve also had some great friends visiting and wonderful surprise catch ups- from Montreal to Jakarta and D’Jamena.


I've been surrounded by inspiring, compassionate and loving old and new friends that lift me higher.


I’ve done a lot of healing. Sometimes happening unexpectedly through conversation with friends followed by big tears, others times through journaling, acupuncture, energy healing, on the yoga mat or by having the vulnerable conversations. Releasing the old blocks, the parts of me that no longer matched my vibe.


I’ve done a lot of reading. From entrepreneurship to menstrual cycle and emotions. Books are great to gain knowledge but you still need to take action to see results.


I’ve embraced the seasons. I spent my winter on my snowboard, cosy being creative and following my curiosity, my spring blooming with projects, showing up, learning and creating content. My summer was when I met my boyfriend and made new friends, for wild-hearted adventures and travels. My autumn brought the fire back with creativity, projects and facing some fears but taking action anyway. My winter brought me within, a lot of healing old patterns and limiting beliefs that I’ve been carrying for way too long. It also brought all the cosiness of the festive season.


So Seventeen, yes you’ve been sacred. But looking back, I would add growth and connection. You've been a soft kiss on the cheek and a warm hug.


I am currently in the snowy mountains and I love those days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, when the days seem to slow down and everything gets quiet. One of my favourite ritual is diving into “Unravelling” a workbook created by Susannah Conway, wrapping up the year and dreaming the next one between snowy adventures.


Wild eighteen. You’re almost there. There’s something fresh about a new year that comes from a collective hope. I am ready to open my wings and fly. To be consistent with my inspired actions. It’s about time to soar.


Soar. Yes. You are my eighteen word.


What about you?


How would you describe your year?


Have you found a word for 2018 yet?


Sending you much love wherever you are.