Closing a Chapter Under This Full Moon Eclipse

With this eclipse and full moon, I close a chapter.

I was sitting at the cosiest and cutest bookstore cafe in Bondi Beach, Sydney - Gertrude & Alice. Drinking the most delicious chai while being surrounded by books. I started scribbling ideas in my notebook, of names for my new business project. I had just spent three months in Bali and completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training with the most incredible teachers and group that became my bubble family. The month & half immersed in a yoga bubble amongst the rice fields had just opened my soul to another world. I was still processing and integrating so much healing and transformation.

I came up with wild.happy.heart as the name of my new website and business in this little bookstore cafe. I was excited for the new chapter that had just started by me quitting my job three months earlier before flying to Bali to experience a life-changing month. I was just about to dive into yoga and coaching. I came back home a few weeks later and built my second website. Wild.happy.heart meant the end of The Green Sunshine, my first blog that I started in 2012. So much happened since those first few days of blogging on all things wellness and nutrition.

I became a health coach.

I quit my office job.

Became a yoga teacher.

Started my own business.

I explored and wandered Mama Earth.

I met like-minded souls based all around the world.

I became the crazy auntie to my two koalas.

I fell in love. And had my heart broken.

I found myself.

And my voice.

I awakened to a new feminine energy that was always within in the first place. Just slightly shy.

I surrounded myself with open-hearted women.

I healed.

I soared.

And I am expanding.

This change has been a year in the making. It’s more than time to shed my old skin, to show up fully - with my name. I’ve started feeling the desire to go with my name for my business at least a year ago if not more, but always felt a little bit of fear. I’ve outgrown the old parts of me. I’ve outgrown my business, mindset and words. It’s time to burn everything to the ground and rise like the Phoenix.

Like Danielle LaPorte wrote: “Metamorphosis is naturally destructive.” It can bring up fear to let go of parts of us, parts that became our identity. Letting go without having a net to catch us. Letting go without having a full vision of what’s to come. But sometimes, that’s exactly what we need to be doing. Letting go of the past, letting go of what’s been holding us back and what we’ve outgrown.

That’s why. I am celebrating the four years of wild.happy.heart and all the magic I’ve created under this name, the soulful and kind people I met, the comfort zone I expanded, the new things I tried, the creative fire, my first workshops, my first new moon nights, my yoga classes. It all started under the energy of my wild.happy.heart.

I am now saying goodbye as it is time to own my name, to allow space for new directions as I keep growing and evolving with my business.

For now. It’s a landing page under my new website until I finish creating my brand new one. If you’re not yet part of my mailing list, you can sign up there to stay updated with what’s to come.

Love & blessings to everyone who crossed my paths, the soulful conversations, the pep talks, the warm hugs, showing up to my events and supporting me in any way. It means the world.