2014 you swept me off my feet!


Action. That was my word this year. I choose a word every december, a word that will guide me throughout the coming year. Cozy on my couch, candles and christmas lights on, acoustic playlist in the background, warm cup of herbal tea, I am all set to reflect on the past year and unravel the next one, my favorite ritual. It's been a tradition ever since I discovered the beautiful work of Susannah Conway, "Unravelling". There's something quite magical about reviewing your year, taking time to celebrate your achievements, smiling about your highlights and giggles, the dreams that came true, the surprises and discoveries, the lessons learned along the way, the people who entered your life- for a day, a month, or a lifetime, the new or old friendships across oceans, soul sisters/ brothers with who you shared soul shaking moments.


Freedom. Connection. Adventure. Growth. Bliss

2014, that's what you've been. The time it takes for the earth to circle around the sun is just the perfect amount of time to transform, grow and explore.


I spent the year high on good vibes, high on life. So many moments that made my heart sing, and others that challenged and stretched me. I feel like I spent the whole time out of my comfort zone and it puts a smile on my face as I think of all the goodness that came out of it. I began 2014 by giving my notice at work, followed by a memorable weekend in London with health coach friends getting inspired by Mastin Kipp, Kate Northrup and Gabrielle Bernstein. Enrolled to a yoga teacher training in Bali to live once in a lifetime experience, wandering, exploring the road less travelled, living day by day, to finally come back home to start my own business as a health coach and yoga teacher. If you had told me that a few years ago, I wouldn't have believed you. Life is unique.

Facing my fears and taking action even though I was frozen with overwhelm, was the best thing I could have done to find my bliss, accomplish my projects and create the life I've always wanted. The more you step out of your comfort zone, the more confident you feel to bring your dreams to life.

I lived 3 full moons on my beloved indonesian island, witnessed magical sunsets, walked barefoot in the rice fields, connected with nature, meditated at sunrise, silent breakfasts, surya namaskars and typhoon warriors, golden teachers, many tears and even more belly laughs, falling asleep by the sound of geckos, the scent of daily offerings, dancing like no one's watching, chanting mantras, watching surfers getting high on life while catching waves, energy healer sessions, tarot card reading under a tree by a Ganesha statue, sipping on fresh coconuts by the ocean.

A happy heart, a blissful soul, a free spirit.

I learned to express emotions through my body, to just be. To let the wild child play, dance and sing. Because everyday is a gift and should be celebrated as such. We always want to change things about ourselves- our bodies, emotions or lives, but how often do we really stop to appreciate what we have? The body we've been given, the present moment and beauty all around us. When you shed all the extra layers, you go back to the basics, embracing simplicity.

I am so grateful for you- family, friends, and all the special souls who touched my heart, who guided me.  Gracias for the champagne farewell drink by the lake, the heart-warming hugs, the Skype calls and kinds words, the great conversations by the pool one balinese afternoon, the dancing sessions, coconut happy hour at sunset, sharing honey oatmeal cookies between yoga classes. Chai teas in sunny Sydney with my dear yoginis, home cooked dinner while reconnecting with an aussie friend met on a train to Paris one New Year's Eve moons ago, the kindness and hospitality of a firefighter in Melbourne, the talented musician brothers busking, my inspiring yoga teachers and beautiful mini bubbles. The many exciting news received throughout the year from my brother to my best friends.

You made this year wild, happy and hearted!

2014, you swept me off my feet! So much Love and Gratitude for every precious moments. I am putting my good vibes, dreams and stardust in the Universe to keep surfing the enchanting waves. I will keep following the sun, making space for the lioness within, facing my fears and taking baby steps everyday to expand my happy place, welcoming vulnerability and authenticity. I'll keep walking on the wild side- the one where magic and butterflies meet.

Universe, you've been sprinkling your magic dust!



All the world was before me and every day was a holiday, so it did not seem important to which one of the world's wildernesses I first should wander.” John Muir



Wishing you all to be high on life for chapter 2015! Dream big! It works! ; )


One happy heart. One wild life.


Love, Hugs & Bliss