I’m Marisa.

A wild-hearted woman who is here to create a ripple effect for women to express their true nature and live a life aligned with their heart.


I guide women to feel that full body yes in their lives.

You already have everything within you to light up your radiant life. I’m just here to remind you how to get there by connecting to your heart which will lead you to a life well lived.


The short story

  • Took my first steps on a wild caribbean beach, climbing palm trees naked, wild & free. In my element.

  • Until we moved to Switzerland. I always felt stuck in a box. Having to fit in and following the expected path.

  • When I was 20, I moved to Sydney for a little while. Backpacked and wandered around Australia.

  • My twenties were filled with travels, love, adventures, exploration, rejection, living in the moment, broken hearts, being lost and confused, joy and everything in between.

  • It’s on a wild beach in Bali that I reconnected to my soul. Listening to my heart’s whispers lead me on a yoga mat and suddenly opened a door into a new way of living. I devoured all things yoga, nutrition, wellness and spirituality.

  • I became a holistic health coach (IIN), came back to Bali a few years later to do my yoga teacher training and I made it my mission to guide women to live more from the heart.

  • I broke free from most of the boxes I was living in - to live a life that is aligned with my true nature, filled with freedom, aliveness, connection and purpose. I’m still expanding and discovering - just like you.

  • Ecstatic joy runs through my body every time I hold space for women to find their own expression and let them visualise another way of living. Magic happens when women gather together. When a woman rise, we all rise.

  • I’m an ENFP with a scorpio sun and a brave open heart. I navigate the world through feeling things deeply, loving hard, soulful connections and seeing the beauty and sacred in the little things.

  • Writing, music, adventuring the outdoors, soulful conversations and autumn are my fuel.

  • I am a firm believer that living with more intention, more heart, more hugs and “you’ve got this” whispered in your ear can lift the human spirit.


What makes my heart sing…

♡ Big warm hugs. I’m a human koala.

♡ Soulful conversations about the Universe, the magic of life and all things women.

♡ The cosiness of a late autumn afternoon- blue sky with golden light peaking through the colourful trees.

♡ Being high on life.

♡ Dancing wildly...even better under a summer rain.

♡ Mountains & oceans are my medicine.

♡ Connecting with like-minded souls – the free spirited, the creative dreamers, the adventurers, the wild open-hearted ones.

♡ Writing. I write from the heart.

♡ Spontaneous adventures involving the wilderness. Dreaming of van life and chasing waves.

♡ Road trips, music, giggles and singing out loud. Barefoot and hiking boots are my favourite ways to walk on this earth.



(Grab a cup of ginger tea or glass of wine, get all cosy and enjoy!)

My story has always been about coming back home.

To my soul, to let my spirit dance, to align with my heart’s desires.

I took my first steps on a wild beach in the caribbean, climbing palm trees, naked, wild and free.

Connected to nature, to the wild spirit within me. But as we moved to Switzerland a few years later, I found myself in a box- having to fit in.

It took me years until I found my way out of the box and back home to myself. And I’m still on this journey, always expanding, as I becoming more whole every time.

I am passionate about self-discovery and how humans work.

I’m an intimate extrovert. I love soulful moments with small groups of dear humans.

In a world that makes it hard to love ourselves and makes us feel like we’re on a chaotic rollercoaster as we chase the next best thing, this human experience can be hard to navigate. So I seek slowing down, beauty, soul and meaning. I turn to dance and words to express my joy and tears.

Coming back home to ourselves, to our hearts is about embracing who we are without the conditioning of society and other people’s expectations of us. It’s about finding what brings us joy, about getting more in tune with our emotions and learning how to use them as guidance in our daily lives. It’s about reconnecting to our body on a deeper level. About loving ourselves fiercely. About choosing a path that feels aligned with our soul. About feeling that FULL BODY YES. It’s about expressing ourselves and using our voice. It’s also about facing our fears and getting familiar with the discomfort that comes with expansion, as there is no growth when we stay in our sweet comfort zone.



After spending a few years working for a women’s rights NGO, I found myself wandering solo in Bali at 29, when I had a moment on a wild surfer’s beach at sunset that could only be described as my soul’s whispers. It was a moment of hearing my intuition and inner voice so loudly for the first time in a long time that I couldn’t ignore it. I realised I wanted to fall in love with my life and feel aligned with my dreams. I wasn’t too sure at the time of how it would look like, but I just knew something had to change. Since that moment, I let myself be guided by my intuition and heart. It led me to step on a yoga mat during that trip and from that moment everything changed. So yeah, a Lenny Kravitz’s song + wild beach at sunset did the trick for me. I believe it’s because I paused, changed my environment, had the courage to travel on my own, got myself into nature and I listened. And this can happen to anyone. At anytime. Anywhere. Those moments often come when we switch the autopilot mode off.

The most epic stories often happen when we take the road less travelled and listen to our heart’s whispers. It takes courage and an open heart to dive into a new way of life that feels aligned with who we truly are and it’s totally worth it.



Soon after that, yoga became my lighthouse and passion. I remember leaving classes feeling high on life. I kept following my curiosity and dived into wellness and nutrition, which lead me to enrol at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) to become a holistic health coach. I started a wellness blog called “The Green Sunshine” back in the days. Following the butterflies in my heart opened the door to a whole new world. I felt ecstatic as I surfed these new waves. As much as I had found my passion, I was still stuck in a job that drained all my energy. So I hired a coach to guide me on my next steps as I dream up of becoming a yoga teacher, quit my job and have my own business. It gave me clarity and confidence to follow my heart and dive into my dreams. A few months later, I found myself on a one way flight to Bali. I was ready to dive into my yoga teacher training with the most amazing teachers. Spending 5 weeks in a bubble, amongst the rice fields, barefoot, meditating and learning all about yoga and its philosophy in the company of a soulful group of other students, who quickly became family, was life-changing.

One essential key to facilitate change and shift our energy is to surround ourselves with people who are going to lift us higher and push us outside our comfort zone. The creative dreamers, the open-hearted ones, the ones who make things happen, the ones who show us the way. I wouldn’t be here without being surrounded by amazing souls along the way who showed me what was possible and supported me as I dived into a new way of being and living. And that’s part of my mission. To be that wild-hearted one for you, who will tell you to dream big and help you bring those intentions to life.



I love writing about life. I’m a scorpio and feel things pretty intensely. Writing is my therapy. Just like dancing. And yeah, the rock bottoms, the heartbreaks, the intensity of emotions, the confusion and feeling lost, the disconnection…have all been part of my story. And looking back, a lot of those moments became the catalyst to change, to love myself a little more every time, to explore and discover who I was. These storms are what build us into a more loving, compassionate human. It breaks us open so we can explore who we truly are. And it’s usually where the magic starts to appear. I don’t have it all figure it out as I’m still walking on this planet, just like you. I can’t imagine a life without growth and expansion and my intention is to share what I’ve gathered through my studies, work and life experiences to be that soul sister walking next to you as you figure out who you are and how to embody being a whole woman.

Living a life with intention is at the root of everything I do, the foundation that guides me as I grow and expand with life. And part of that is getting aligned so we can feel connected to ourselves, our bodies, our intuition, our purpose and life.



Women’s wellbeing has always been at the core of my work (from working at a NGO on women’s rights to having a business focused on women’s wellbeing). I’ve awakened and discovered the depths of being a woman while on a training in India, right after a break-up. It gave me wings and power. It brought healing as I reconnected to the feminine power I always had within me but was buried down under all the conditioning and patriarchal mindset. The magic and power we hold within. The sacredness of walking in the footsteps of our mothers and grandmothers.

When women connect to their bodies, their menstrual cycles, their feminine energies, their intuitions, they come back home and there’s a feeling of liberation, of reuniting with an ancient sacred wisdom. This intimate connection brings strength, power and alignment.

The power and transformation that comes when we are feeling loved, heard and understood is immense and can catapult us in living a total different life. I’d say it is one of the most impactful tool to come back home to your true nature. I made it my mission to awaken that feminine force for as many women as possible. And I know when we feel deeply supported, we can take on the world.

I combine health, self-care practices, yoga, breathwork, meditation, reiki, feminine energy rituals and all things women to offer a holistic approach to create a life that feels good from the inside.

Are you in?

If my story resonate with you and you’d like to feel that full body yes, schedule a discovery call (20 minutes) here.



An awake heart is like a sky that pours light.
— Hafiz


Professional Bio

Marisa Ribordy is a yoga teacher, women’s wellness mentor and writer. She runs workshops mixing yoga, meditation, dancing and journaling. Her intention with her work is to support and guide women to create a deep and intuitive connection with themselves, to find freedom in their bodies and expand their heart wide open to live a wild-hearted life, feeling free, connected and alive.

Marisa believes in living a life aligned with our hearts and finding the magic in everyday moments. Through her blog, women’s circles, live workshops, yoga classes and one-on-one mentoring, Marisa hopes to inspire and encourage people to live a life according to their own values and desires, stepping outside the autopilot mode, to listen to their emotions and inner guidance, to create a heart-centered way of living that includes lots of creativity, adventures, love and soulful connections.



Reiki Level 1 & 2 (Joanna Lewins, London, 2019)

Women’s Self-Care Training 50H (Emily Kuser, India, 2018)

Certified Yoga Teacher 200H (Yogaworks, Alicia Cheung & Oliver Reinsch, Bali, 2014)

Holistic Health Coach (Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York, 2013)

Bachelor in International Relations (Geneva, 2008)



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