Welcome home, wild heart.

You can feel it within you. You’re ready to come home. Come home to your body, your heart and wild spirit. To awaken that wild-hearted soul of yours to live a life that feels intentional, aligned and free.


Hey! I’m Marisa.

I live from the heart. I am a yoga teacher, women’s wellness mentor and writer. Through my gatherings, workshops and mentoring, I invite women to create a deep and intuitive connection with themselves, to find freedom in their bodies and expand their heart wide open to live a wild-hearted life, feeling free, aligned and connected. I am inspired by the healing power of yoga, meditation, breathwork, wild nature, dancing, journaling & community.



For women who are seeking a deeper connection to their soul, to live more from their heart and a community who speaks the same soul language. Join “Under The Moon” nights, women’s circle and workshops on all things women and living with intention.



I invite women to come back home to their body, heart and intuition. On all things women, menstrual cycle, lifestyle, soul alignment and living with more intention. I combine the magic of yoga, meditation, breathwork, reiki, dance, intuitive coaching and holistic health to guide you on a self-discovery journey to reconnect you to your true nature .



Move and liberate your body. Connect. Exhale deeply. Shift your energy. Lift your spirit. Embody a new version of you which is light, free and loved. Join me on the mat and let’s breathe together.

Group Classes & Privates


Marisa is the embodiment of the magic that happens when we take the brave step to go out into the world to be and do what we are called on earth for.
— Astadjam


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